Hello Readers!!

Welcome to Simplified Techy: Tech Hub For Geeks. Simplified Techy is basically a place where we provide updates about anything and everything related to technology. As the world is going digital there are lots of new things going on in the tech world every single day and we are here to provide all the information about them as well as different tips and tricks to make your digital life easier.

There isn’t a long story about how this blog got started. Searching and finding genuine results in the field of technology on Google is so very difficult as you dig out so many sites for a small query and come up with the contradictory results from all of them. Now it becomes hard to compare them and find out which result is genuine. As a technology lover I have faced this problem always and then I decided to start Simplified Techy to provide full researched and authentic results to the people out there who were in the same dilemma, and that’s how Simplified Techy came into life.

What We Have In Our Basket

  • We try our best to provide authentic and full information with full research.
  • We are from the readers so our contents are also related to the readers.
  • Our reviews and tips are genuine.
  • We can never fool around by posting any rubbish tips and tricks without testing and getting satisfied with them because we know, trying every single tip found on the internet and finding them no more than crap is such a pain.
  • Simplified Techy is as like a one stop shop for every tech lover. Our posts show our hard work and honesty.

Curious About The Girl Behind The Curtains??

That’s me!

Hey I am Siya Rai. If you are a regular visitor of simplified techy then you would have known a little bit of me. I am from Ludhiana, Punjab. I am a BCA graduate from Punjab Technical University and I have completed my Intermediate in science from PSEB. I have done my schooling from Ludhiana.

If I talk about me, I am a girl trying to be girly. Other than technology and computers I love reading. A good book in one hand and good coffee on the other is enough to make my day. I am an introvert who can talk without any full stop. Contradictory isn’t it? But that’s how I am.

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