What is new in Android Oreo? Android Oreo Release, Features and Overview

The final update of android 8.0 is out and with this release the suspense on the name has also been cleared. It has got the most expected name “Android Oreo”.

After the 4th developer’s preview on 24th July, 2017 the final update has launched on 21st August, 2017.

The series of four developer’s previews started from 21st March, 2017 to 24th July, 2017 and with each iteration it gave a clearer view of the new additions and changes which are going to take shape in this new version of android. The final launch has eliminated all the confusions and suspense. The update has been published only for AOSP ( Android Open Source Project) now for the other manufacturers so that they can start working on their own updates.

The devices which are using the beta program will also get the final update. Now let’s see what’s new we will get with the new version of Android this time.

Android Oreo

It’s been a year since the last modification of Android was released. The latest and most up-to-date version of Android for now which is Android 7.0 and named as Nougat was released in August, 2016 and it is exactly after an year the new version Android Oreo or android 8.0 has got published.

What’s in the Name

We all are familiar with the phrase “what’s in the name”, but when it is about android the names are related with some interesting facts. If you have observed the names of android versions then you must have found that every android version has got the name of a dessert since the 3rd release which was named as Cupcake. The second thing to notice about is that all the android versions have the names in alphabetical orders like Jellybean, KitKat, Lollypop, Marshmallow and Nougat. With the latest version it has continued the legacy and got its name on the alphabetical order with the letter “o” and the name of the sweet treat “Oreo”.

Release Schedule for Android Oreo

Since the pattern we had found in the beta releases which started from mid-March (the first preview), the second preview was released right after a couple of month in mid-May, then the third one in mid-June and the fourth and final developer’s preview on 24th July we had the assumption for it to be introduced to the public in between mid – August to mid – September. Android Oreo for AOSP has released on 21st August and it will be available for Pixel and Nexus devices very soon and the others will be able to get the update around the end of this year.

What’s New in Android Oreo

Each and every update of android comes with some new features and improvements in the previous one. With the series of beta previews of android Oreo we have already found that they have focused on the background more than the UI and visuals which is quite similar like the previous version. The latest Android Oreo has got some interesting and some much awaited features in the new update. So, let’s explore some of the new additions and the changes in Android Oreo.

New Features of Android Oreo

Control Background Process more efficiently

With android Nougat Google had started working on optimizing background apps and battery life and with this new update they have taken it in the priority list. Users will find a constant notification about the apps running in background and draining battery so that they can stop them and get a long battery life. Android Oreo limits the background functions of apps and leads to a longer battery life, less data and RAM consumptions. It makes your device run faster and decreases the heating and laggings. For the developers, it will help them creating apps which have less impact on the device and battery of the user.

Dedicated Buttons in Camera

In previous version of android there was an option to swipe for changing camera to video mode and vice-versa which was a bit like a secret for some users but in the latest version users will find a dedicated button from which they can change the mode of camera. The other feature added in the camera is if the user wants to zoom it they just have to double tap on the screen and it will zoom for 50%.

Notification Channels and Controls

Android Oreo has introduced some features in which the user can control the notifications on their devices. They can group the similar notifications into a single category which prevents their notification bar from the unnecessary fill and makes it easy to reach the important notifications. The other features includes silent notifications individually for every app. The previous “do not disturb” feature worked for all the apps together and restrict the notifications from every app but in this version you will find the option right on the particular notification to silent that particular app for a time slot like for 15 minutes, 30 minutes or for an hour. The notifications are still controlled by the app itself and if the app does not provide this feature the user won’t be able to do so. So, the developers have started working on their apps for this feature to create a system which lets the user full control over their notification bar.

Prevents Apps to Draw over the Apps

Sometimes it gets annoying when you are using an app and another app draws over it with its notifications. Now, with Android Oreo you will have a control on it. The new toggle in app info setting will let you stop or start the “display over the app” option.

Notification Badge

In new android update users will find dots on each app icon which is nothing other than notification badges. These numberless badges will remind the users about the app notifications. In the third beta preview it was in all blue color but in the final preview found various dedicated colors for each and every app and it is carried forward in the final launch.

Picture – in – Picture

One of the much awaited features will be available with Android Oreo. Now when you are playing videos in any apps you won’t have to bother about the pause or termination of it if you switch into any other app. With Picture – in – Picture feature android Oreo will let you watch your favorite video on your screen while working on other apps. You just have to tape on the home button from that video app and you will find a small window pops up which is displaying that video you were watching. You can slide this window anywhere on the screen to find some comfortable space for it.

More Security While Installation of Apps

In the previous androids we just had to enable Unknown Sources in security settings to install apps that were downloaded other than Google PlayStore but in Android Oreo it won’t be enough. We will have to go through another security check for the same purpose. Now the user will have to grant permissions to the app or browser from where they are downloading the apk. For this purpose the user have to go in the special access section below the unknown sources in which they will find a toggle “trust app from this source” and will have to enable it.

Autofill API

Till now the android users had to fill the forms of apps like user name password and other things manually or if they had a third party autofill app then also it was a bit difficult task to use them. Android Oreo has launched the feature of autofill which will let the user select their autofill app in the same way they select their keyboard apps and made it easy to keep your data more secure.

Better Support for Physical Keyboard

When it comes to a Chromebook or a tablet the normal android keyboards are always not enough and the users find it difficult using the devices without the navigation keys, tabs and controls. Google has considered it in its new android update and now the users will get a good support for hardware Keyboards in their android devices. The devices will be compatible with physical keyboards which will make the task easier for all the users as well as the developers.

Audio and Connections

The audio support has been better in Android Oreo. Through Sony LDAC codec and AptX codec support, users will experience a high – quality Bluetooth audio while listening songs or any other stuff which uses audio.

Using NAN(Neighborhood Aware Networking) connectivity also called Wi-Fi Aware specification, devices with appropriate hardware can connect directly to each other via Wi-Fi without a central access point.

Text Selection on another Level

The basic copy/paste feature has reached on another level with android Oreo. The text selection along with the old cut/copy features gives some other options also. Now by just selecting or highlighting a text you can paste them without coping. Confused? So, let me be clear with examples. Suppose you have selected a phone number and want to call on the same then you don’t have to copy it and paste in your device dialer app. Just give a single tap on the number after highlighting it and it will be dialed. If you want to navigate an address then just select the address and tap on it, the device automatically start navigating it through Google map. Maybe now your confusion has been cleared.

The Oreo Octopus In Android Oreo

At the end of this article I couldn’t stop myself from adding this in my list. Do you know about the ‘Neko feeding’. The secret Easter egg game of Android Nougat has reached in Android Oreo as well but with some changes. In Nougat it was a cat catching game. But in Android Oreo you won’t find the cat anywhere in the game, at the place of cat there will be the octopus which looks quite similar like Oreo cookies. With this change the game has become more interesting and fun to play.

So, these are some new features of  Android Oreo to make you all familiar with it before you will get the update for your devices. There are a lot more to explore. If someone is already using the developer’s beta version of Android please share your experience here with us. Since Android Oreo will take a few months more to be available for public meanwhile if you are anxious you can install the public beta version of Android Oreo if you have a compatible device.

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