Android Oreo Review – 15 New Features of Android 8.0 Oreo

Android Oreo is officially out and will be available for Nexus and Pixel users within few weeks and for others it will be there before the end of this year. Before you get the update in your mobile we would like to make you all familiar with some important new features that Android Oreo has in its basket.   With Android Oreo Google has continued with its “Material design” which was launched three years back. If we talk about the visuals there are negligible changes in comparison of the last Android Nougat but when it comes with the user experience while using it and the internal functionality then Android o has got some revolutionary changes.

We have discussed about some of the new features of Android Oreo in our previous post “What is new in Android o”.  In this post we tried to explore Android 8.0 inside out and came up with these “15 New Features of Android Oreo”.

15 New Features of Android Oreo

#1 Reduced and Refined Settings Menu

android oreo settings

Reduced Settings of Android Oreo

When you start using Android Oreo the first visible change you will notice is the settings menu. It is reduced to almost half of the previous one. The look is as same as it was before but he nesting of options has increased. For example there are no more different options for mobile network, Wi-Fi hotspot & tethering, data usage, airplane mode and VPN on the main Settings menu; they are all categorized under Network and Internet. It may make you dig a bit more in the settings to reach your desired options but these categories make it more systematic, organized and refined and most of the settings on which you need a quick access are available in the drop down Quick settings so this will bother you in no way.

The slide out menu has been eliminated in Android Oreo and that does not affect more as it anyways didn’t make any sense. The other change you will find in settings is that in Android o below the options you will find a brief description about it which is the replacement of the useful notifications which we saw in Android Nougat.

#2 Power Saving and Longer Battery Life

android oreo battery

The biggest issue with any Smartphone is the fast draining of battery and the main factor behind it is the apps running in background. The previous Android OS was unable to automatically control the power consumption and background activities of apps. With Android 8.0 Google has worked on it and now your mobile’s OS will control and supervise all the activities of every single app which are running behind the curtains. Android Oreo restricts the apps from running in background and as well as their broadcasts and location updates. These restrictions decrease the power consumption and increase the battery life.

If you think this is it for this section then I must tell you, people will be able to find the apps which are consuming battery as well as the details of how and when these app use your phone’s power means if the apps only use it when you are in the app or it is also using the battery when you leave it.

#3 Google Play Protect For more Safety and Security

android oreo protect

Google Play Protect is another powerful feature which insures the safety of your Smartphone. We may have seen it when we download any app from Play Store in some older Androids also. Google Play Protect is not only to ensure safety while installing apps but it works in a broader aspect. It ensures safety from the apps with Malware by scanning them while downloading, restricts Spam apps, keep an eye on the app’s access, continuously supervise the functions of apps available on Play Store and pressurize the developers to improve their apps performance and stability if these are not up to the mark and ultimately removes those particular apps from Play Store if they are unable to improve even after the warnings.

Apart from the Play Store security it works for the other security issues also. It scans your device time to time to ensure your device is safe from malwares and it helps finding lost phones also.

#4 Better Bluetooth and Audio Support

Google has worked on its Bluetooth this time. With the help of Sony they developed LDAC audio wireless technology. LDAC can transfer a larger amount of data with more than 990 kbps speed through Bluetooth which ultimately works on bettering the audio quality of Bluetooth.

AAudio is there for the applications which need high performance audio quality. AAudio is a new Android native API design which lets applications read and save data via stream.

#5 Smart Text Selection

The copy/paste feature is not only about copy/paste now. It has been revolutionized with machine learning technology. Now your phone itself recognize what you want to select, for example, earlier when we had to select an address the phone used to select one word and then we had to manually drag it to the whole but in Android o it will select the whole address by itself by smart recognition and it goes one step further by start navigating it with just a single tap. If you select a phone number and tap ones it will be pasted on your phone’s dialer. So, now with Android o, text selection has got smarter and easier.

#6 Rescue Party

Another revolution carried out by Android Oreo is Rescue Party. This feature is for preventing Bootloops. This is the most irritating issue for any person with Smartphone. Bootloops are the endless booting of your phone which commonly occurs when you try to install the new software update and your device rejects it. The main reason behind it is the malfunction of device due to which the system starts crashing continuously. Google has taken steps to resolve this problem with Rescue Party. The user won’t have to do anything, it will start automatically. The devices with Android o will reboot into Recovery Mode when such a case occurs and will be saved from Bootloops.

#7 Autofill For better Password Management

In the previous versions of Android we used to use third party apps to manage our passwords and if you ask me I always find those apps risky and unsafe. But now in Android Oreo we are provided with an inbuilt Autofill feature which works more efficiently to manage all our passwords we use on that device and gives the assurance of safety. Autofill will be launched exactly like we choose our keyboards in our Smartphone.

#8 Picture – in – Picture

With Android 8.0 you are free from the burden of pause and restart of videos when you have to check other apps while playing them.

Just tap on the home button and open the app you want, your video would not be disturbed. It will continue playing in a small window floating on the screen which can be drag to any place on the phone’s screen according to your comfort.

#9 NAN (Neighbor Awareness Networking)

Neighbor Awareness Networking or Wi – Fi Aware which have the tagline “Discover the world nearby” does exactly the same. It helps compatible devices to connect with each other over Wi – Fi without any central access point. It does not require any cellular data, internet or even GPS to connect with other devices. NAN gives the facility of sharing data and information aamong connected devices which can be as large as they can play games and share any kind of applications and as small as the locations.

#10 The New Emojies

The era of blob emojies which were found on android devices since it was introduced has got its end. Android Oreo offers the new round emojies. These emojies are similar to the one we find on the popular Platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook messenger and IOS. These circular emojies are more defined and have some more gestures which make it more interesting to use.

#11 Search and Find App Info

If you have an Android with the version Lollipop or above then you would have noticed the search bar on the top of the apps in settings menu. This bar is used to search particular applications installed in your device but now with Android Oreo this will serve to search for the app info of any application along with the searching for the apps.

#12 Adaptive Icons

From now the app Icons will look different in different devices according to the manufacturers. The Icons can be square for some devices and circular for others.

The shape of Icons will now completely depend on the manufacturer’s UI. If you are wondering how it will make any effect then let me tell you that in Android Oreo all the app icon in your mobile will look the same in shape. They will either be all square or all of them will be circular.

#13 Unknown Sources has been Replaced

In the earlier versions we need to enable the unknown sources to install apps from the platforms other than Play Store. But in Android Oreo this setting is nowhere found.

Now it has been replaced with External Sources on which users will have to enable “Trust apps from this source” for every single browser or applications from which they are trying to download and install apps.

#14 Notification Channel

Android o gives the user a better control over the notifications they get from the apps. Users can group similar notifications from different apps in categories.

The do not disturb option got some advanced features with different name. Now you can snooze selected apps for a particular time slot of 15 minutes, 30 minutes or an hour without having to silent all the notifications from all apps together. This feature lets you have a clean and organized notification bar, prevents annoying notifications and makes it easy to reach important one.

#15 Notification Badges

Now your app icons will remind you of their new notifications with the help of Notification Badges. These badges are the dots which appear on the app icons when there are unread notifications of those apps. For every app you will find a dedicated color of these badges.

#16 Better Physical Keyboard Support

This feature is especially for the Chromebook users. It was difficult for them to use tabs and navigations on Chromebooks till now as the older versions didn’t support these features but now in Android 8.0 tabs and navigations will be supported on the keyboards and this makes it more compatible with the physical keyboards.

Android Oreo is packed with a lot of new features from which these “15 New Features of Android Oreo” we found worth sharing here. We will keep you updates by digging it out more. If anyone using Android Oreo Beta version please share your opinions in the comment section.