Apple iPhone 8 Release Date on 12 September : Complete Details

The much awaited Apple iPhone 8 release date is expected to be tomorrow. Apple is celebrating iPhone’s 10th anniversary this year as the first iPhone was released in 2007. Rumors say that Apple can ditch the series name this time and Apple iPhone 8 could be renamed as iPhone X or iPhone Edition in the resemblance of its 10th anniversary.

Apple is well known for introducing some tremendous technologies with each new launch and because of this special year Apple is going to showcase a bunch of revolutionary features with its new release. As before each and every new launch from Apple, everyone get curious about the features and specification, the guessing session has been started to know what iPhone 8 is going to carry out with it and with every hint we are speculating about it.

So in this post we have tried to extract everything we have came to know about iPhone 8 till now. This article covers the Apple iPhone 8 release date, price, specifications, its excellent new features and everything you need to know. The post will be updated with each information we get, so keep visiting here for the latest updates about iPhone 8.

Apple iPhone 8 Release Date

Apple iPhone 8 Release Date

Apple has sent its official invitation to the media houses for the big day and with it the new iPhone release date has been confirmed. The launch event is most probably going to be held on 12th of September. The event will take place at newly built Steve Jobs Theater at company’s new campus ‘Spaceship’ in California. It is expected that Apple will release two of the iterations of iPhone 7, iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus along with iPhone 8 at the same event.

Reports suggest that though the new apple iPhone 8 release date will be 12th September but it would be difficult to buy it soon. The reports claim that the company is finding difficulties in mass production due to a few issues in some sensors which could result in delay in its availability in the market. iPhone 8 launch date in India can be expected a month after the iPhone 8 launch date in USA.


Apple is going to give a shock to its fans with the price of their new iPhone release. Reports say that the Apple iPhone 8 price can increase up to around 54% than the previous versions. The latest iPhone will be the first in its succession to cross $1000. iPhone 8 price is likely to go $1,100 to $1,200.  In India we can only speculate about the iPhone 8 cost until the phone comes to Indian market and chances are it will reach up to 89000 INR.

Now after getting the shock, if you are changing your mind from iPhone to a low priced android then you can find our previous post  The Top 10 Smartphones under INR 20,000 in 2017

What’s Different in iPhone 8

Apple is all set to surprise its users with iPhone 8. It is going to introduce so many new features and is doing many replacements to the existing specs as well. Some of the iPhone 8 leaks, we have found are listed below.

Vertical Dual Rare Camera

Apple iPhone 8 Release Date

Apart from its alleged name Apple has a bunch of surprises for us in its pocket this time. The vertically mounted dual rare camera is one of them. Unlike the iPhone 7, iPhone 8 will likely to have a dual rare camera which will be vertically aligned.

Facial Recognition Unlocking Technology

The face recognition feature is the crown jewel of this phone. Apple was the company who made the touch ID fingerprint scanner popular and now with iPhone 8 it is likely to leave and replace it with the high quality facial recognition technology. Though we have seen face recognition in Samsung also but to be honest it was just making us fool. Facial recognition cannot work properly without the important relevant sensors. iPhone will likely to have 3D Facial recognition sensor as well as Infrared sensor so that it can work properly in dark also.

Edge–to–Edge OLED Display

Apple iPhone 8 Release Date

Instead of LED, the edge–to–edge OLED screen will take the display experience on a whole new level. Not only the touch and display experience it will take the price as well to the higher level. The clutter free screen will give more dimensions to the colors and images will be crispier.

Wireless Dash Charging

Apple iPhone 8 Release Date

The next technology we have recognized is the wireless charging feature. We have seen wireless charging in Samsung and Dash in One Plus earlier and we are expecting Apple will go a step ahead of them in terms of technology. Rumors say that iPhone 8 would need an external Accessory for the charging purpose which would be bought separately.

Mirror Finished Body

Apple iPhone 8 Release Date


iPhones are recognized by its aluminum design body but reports claim that Apple is going to ditch this spec also with the new iPhone. With some hints we have found that there are more chances that it could come with a glossy mirror shine finish this time as we have seen in iPhone 4 earlier. The edges of the phone will be of stainless steel and the front and back will be made up of glass.

RIP Home Button

The well recognized home button is also likely to find its end in iPhone 8. Rumors say that the home button will be replaced with a thin bar located at the bottom of the screen and some gesture controls. People were expecting that there would be virtual home button on the place of the physical one but the hints take us somewhere else. User will have to drag the bar to the middle of the screen to open the multi tasking panel or to return the home screen. It sounds a bit mess so we are looking forward for Apple iPhone 8 release date and when it comes out to the market so that we can find how it would actually work. Who knows if they will sell an external home button separately as they have done with some other features previously? (Just saying :P)

The other confusion arises that without home button how users will access Siri as ‘Hey Siri’ is not reliable all the time. It is expected that the sleep/wake button could be used to invoke Siri on place of Home Button.

 Other Expected Specifications of iPhone 8

  • Apart from the features above, the expected iPhone 8 specs could include a 5.8in OLED edge–to–edge screen with 71 x 143 x 7.4 mm dimensions and 4K display.
  • It will be packed with Apple A11 Fusion chipset and iOS 11.
  • The phone is expected to come with two storage versions, one with 128GB and the other with 256GB storage.
  • If you were expecting the increased RAM then you can get disappointment as iPhone 8 will more likely to come with 3GB of RAM.
  • The body will have slimmer Bezels and the size of power button will be increased.

These are some expected and reported specs of new upcoming iPhone  we have found till now. We will continue digging out until the launch event and post launch and will try to keep you updated with iPhone 8 latest news. Till then wait for the Apple iPhone 8 release date and keep visiting and do comment your views in the comment section bellow.

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