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We live in the era in which every single person wants to look of their best and hairstyle is one of the essential part of of it. A minor change in your hairstyle has the power to change your entire look. Another fact is that in today’s time people are very comfortable with taking risks and trying everything different. The word different can also include the thing which can better be called weird if we don’t have an expert with us. So, the need of a good hairstylist is always their and this the reason of growing world of hair styling and colorists. So, let’s dedicate a post to those who take care of our hair and make us beautiful. Today we will be talking about the Apps For Hairstylists.

 Top 7 Apps For Hairstylists

As everything is taking a digital form, how can hair styling left out. In this post we are going to talk about those few apps that are totally dedicated to the hairstylists and colorists.

#1 Pinterest

Play Store Rating : 4.6 Stars
Price : Free

Guess what! our favorite Pinterest, tops in the Apps for Hairstylists also. If you are a hairstylist or a beginner or just a person searching for good hairstyles or hair cutting techniques Pinterest could be your best partner. All you need to create your account on Pinterest and choose your fields of interests and whenever you will open the app you will find your feed full of similar posts. This app gathers top links in almost every field whether it is hair styling, makeup, technology, politics or anything else. If you find something good outside of it or you yourself hold blogs related to these topics you can also upload them here. Pinterest is a place which can come up to be the most versatile platform for any one including hairstylists. You can find the answers of almost each and every question of yours here.

#2 Headsheet App

Play Store Rating : 4 Stars
Price : 306.78 INR

Headsheets is a paid app available on both Play Store and Apple’s App Store. You can buy it by paying 306.78 INR from Play Store. This app is especially created for Hairstylists. Headsheet is actually a drawing technique in which the hairdressers make a diagram of hairstyles to make it easy to understand. Headsheets app is an initiative to make this old and mostly used technique digital. With this app the hairstylists can not only create digital headsheets with the drawing tools but with freehand drawing also. This app is not only for the professionals but it can be useful for the students and beginners also.

#3 Hairbrained Craft Hairdressing

Play Store Rating : 4.8 Stars
Price : Free

Hairbrained is an app developed by Mighty Networks. It is an app of a big global community of Hairdreesers. This app lets you interact with the community members. The Hairdressers can share their work with the community, can get inspired by other people’s work and share their views also. The members of Hairbrained community are always ready to help each other. You can get to learn things going on all over the globe in the field of hair styling. One can learn new techniques and know about the latest trends around the world with just single app.

#4  Easy Hairstyles step by step DIY

Play Store Rating : 4.5 Stars
Price : Free

If you think we are going to talk only about the apps for hairstylists that won’t help the common people who are interested in different hair styles and love to search them out then let me tell you, this is not correct. Their are a few apps which suggest different hair styles and help both, the hairstylists and the common hair styling lovers. And Easy Hairstyles step by step DIY app is one of them. This app includes images of a number of different hair styles and give a step by step tutorial to apply them. Although this app is pretty good but there is a limitation that there are some hairstyles that are complex but the app doesn’t suggests the steps for them. This app can be downloaded free of cost from the Play Store and its high rating can assure you its worthiness. This app has full screen ads and if you want to get rid of them you can by the premium version that can be owned by paying 55 INR.

#5 Best Hairstyles step by step DIY

Play Store Rating : 4.5 Stars
Price : Free

This is again an app if you are searching for different hairstyles. With the same rating as Easy Hairstyles step by step DIY it is also equally worth having a space in your mobile. It includes some great but simple hairstyles for the beginners or a common girl which can be easily applied at home and some hairstyles that look more than beautiful but are hard to be done by your own. These styles are worth if you know a good hairstylist.

#6 Fancy Girl Hairstyles Latest Step By Step 2017

Play Store Rating : 4.5 Stars
Price : Free

If you have long hairs then get ready to style yourself with the most beautiful hairstyles. If you are a hairstylists and running out of styles for long hairs then you can get help of this app. Fancy Girl Hairstyles app have a number of beautiful hairstyles and most of them are for long hairs. Sorry to those ladies who are having short hairs but don’t worry, you have other apps for you. This app also have similar states as the former two hair style apps have. The hair styles included in this app are very simple yet very beautiful and you get images of every important step for making those. Disclaimer – This app contains lots of full screen ads but if you can tolerate them then you have an awesome app.

#7 Latest Boys Hair Styles 2017 – Hairstyles Haircuts

Play Store Rating : 4.2 Stars
Price : Free

We are not running out of stuffs related to men also. Latest Boys hair Styles 2017 is an app especially for men. This app contains a number of different categories for men’s hair styles and every category have tens of hair styles that you can try. Choose the one which will suit you the best and look the best you can. This app has rating of a good 4.2 Stars but in also contains a lot of ads.

These are a few apps For Hairstylists that every hairstylist needs to have in their mobile. Some of these can be helpful for the other people also. If you are a hair stylist or a colorists then please explore these apps and don’t forget to share your opinion about them in the comment section.



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