Best Applock For Android : 6 Apps That You Must Try

Is there any single person who likes it when people use there androids. If someone try to poke their nose in your personal things like opening your social media or messaging apps, try to sneak into your e-banking app and other apps that store confidential data and information. No, no one would ever like it but we can’t just get rid of these kind of nosy people and friends. So, the better solution for this problem is to have a good app lock app that locks all your sensitive applications. Have a look on these 6 Best Applock For Android, that prevent people to reach through your mobile’s any app that is locked.

Best Applock For Android

We know how important you mobile apps’ security is for you. For this post we researched through a huge number of applock apps and after that, selected these 6 Best Applock For Android. These all have their own special feature and one can select them based on their needs and priorities.

#1 IObit Applock: Face Lock & Fingerprint Lock 2017

best app lock for android

Play Store Rating : 4.5 Stars
Price : Free

IObit Applock is the one which leads our list of 6 Best Applock for Android list. This app have some extra ordinary features which make it different from other apps in the category. This app not only simply give a few options to lock your app but tries to make them as secure as they can.

  • You can lock any app and all the apps of your phone along with the main screen with this app.
  • There are many fake lock options it provide. You can set a picture over the app, error message whenever any locked app is being launched.
  • Call cover fakes an incoming call from unknown number whenever someone tries to open any secured app.
  • Crack screen shows a picture which makes it feel like the screen has been cracked whenever the apps are been opened.
  • You can get the fake fingerprint lock and fake voice authentication unlocking system with premium version which comes with a payment of 210INR for life time.
  • With the security features, you have options to change the app icon on the home screen so that it can’t be recognized and you can enable no uninstall option also.
  • It has an option of face lock that uses face recognition technology, though we can not guarantee about how it works for you.
  • Apart from these spacial features there are options to delay lock for a specific time, custom themes, taking snaps of the person trying to feed wrong password and others.

#2 KeepSafe App Lock

best app lock for android

Play Store Rating : 4.6 Stars
Price : Free

Keepsafe is again an awesome Applock with a beautiful UI. This easy to use and simple in looks app is not just simple.

  • KeepsSafe with 4.6 Star rating is serving more than 10 million Android devices.
  • This app lock is one which provides a personal cloud storage to safe guard all your important document, photos and videos.
  • This app is completely different from others. It not only lock your apps but provides a personal space to hide your sensitive data and keep your important information with you in a very secure manner.
  • There are four different folders you will find when you launch the app. These are dedicated to store four different type of sensitive data.
  • The UI is perfect and one can easily understand the working of this app.

#3 Hexlock App Lock & Photo Vault

best applocksfor android

Play Store Rating : 4.2 Stars
Price : Free

Hexlock is a beautiful applock app that has the capability to lock up to 88 apps together.

  • Hexlock AppLock  has a very simple UI with very simple functionality.
  • Hexlock is a true Applock app that do not supports a lot extra features but works great with what its task is.
  • You can lock up to 88 apps with it as I have already mentioned.
  • There is a media vault in which you can hide your photos and videos by selecting the files or folders that contain them.
  • Many other applocks have the feature to snap the person as they try to unlock your apps with wrong credentials. Hexlock also have it but what makes it different is that it can also detect the location where it was attempted.
  • It tracks all the locking unlocking attempts and lets you know if some other person even with right password has opened your apps.
  • There are two options to set the lock, one is with PIN and the other with Pattern lock.

#4 Perfect Applock

best app lock for android

Play Store Rating : 4.5 Stars
Price : Free

Perfect AppLock comes with a full fledged package of security features. This app comes with a default password that is 7777 and can be changed when you enter the app. This app not only secure your sensitive information but does some other interesting work also.

  • You can control your mobile’s screen rotation function and brightness for individual apps manually with the help of Perfect Applock.
  • There is a feature called watchdog which automatically snaps the person’s image when they try to feed wrong password 3rd time.
  • The fake finger print scanner make people, trying to sneak any locked app fool as there is a fingerprint lock.
  • The other interesting security feature is the fake error message that pops-up whenever someone try to unlock the apps, that make people believe that the app they are trying to open has some error.

#5 CM Security

best applock for android

Play Store Rating : 4.6 Stars
Price : Free

CM security as we all know a popular antivirus app. But what we do not actually consider is that, it is one of the best applock for Android also. It has some great features when it comes to secure data and apps on your mobile.

  • It secures your Android with Antivirus scans, clearing junk files and other things that any common antivirus app do.
  • Apart from these it can be used as a great applock for your mobile.
  • It take photos of people trying to snoop in your protected apps.
  • It can hide sensitive notifications and messages appear on notification bar.
  • Disguise opening apps by showing fake app crash notifications.
  • It has a huge inventory of themes that can be set to your applock screen.
  • It has some vaults that provide space not only for safely saving photos but for safe browsing with fake VPN and private bookmarks also. These all can be accessed only inside the CM security app.

#6 Smart AppLock (App Protect)

best app lock for android

Play Store Rating : 4.4 Stars
Price : Free

Another applock which has made its place in the list of best applock for android is Smart Applock. The reason is obviously its tremendous features. Smart AppLock was earlier known as Smart App protect. A few of its features include

  • Easy to use and understandable UI.
  • Offers three options for locking apps, Pattern, Password and PIN.
  • In Samsung devices with fingerprint scanner, it offers fingerprint locks also.
  • It also supports multiple passwords and remote lock features.
  • It takes pictures of the people how try to sneak out into any of your locked apps with wrong password.
  • You can customize your lock In screen and lock backgrounds.
  • It not only lock your selected apps for better protection but it has its own gallery vault with which you can hide your selected pictures and videos from others.
  • It works smartly and there isn’t any delay time for launching itself when a phone turns on after the switch off mode.

There isn’t any shortage of applocks on Play Store. But we can never know which will be best for us without using them individually. We have tried to solve your problem by testing and suggesting these 6 Best Applock For Android.

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