7 Best Programming Languages To Learn

Choosing the best programming language to learn is a very difficult task when we prepare our self to start coding. There is a huge list of programming languages and for a non-coder these all look difficult to learn and understand. In today’s post we are going to make the task easy for all newbies in the coding field by providing a list of “7 Best Programming Languages to Learn”.

We have handpicked these all coding languages on the measure of ease of learning, The opportunity of job and scope of creativity.

7 Best Programming Languages to Learn

#1 Python

best programming languages to learn

If you are a beginner and wondering where to start then Python is one of the best programming languages to learn as your first language in today’s context. Lets talk about the advantages and disadvantages of Python


  • It is an ideal general purpose language and can be used for anything in terms of programming.
  • It was made to make programming easy.
  • It is said to be the most understandable language till date. Even a non-skilled person can easily understand the code written in it.
  • Python is great if we are working on Data Analysis, Scientific computing, Artificial Intelligence, Prototyping.
  • It is best programming language for backend web development, language development, graphic design applications et cetera.
  • Being one of the most flexible language it forgives minor errors and do not forces hard rules of coding.


  • When it comes to mobile computing it is the limitation thus a very few mobile application are made using this language.
  • The slow execution is again a problem with Python. It executes with interpreter and that’s the reason the processing is slower then the languages which use compilers.
  • Most of the users find the biggest problem with Python is run-time errors. Though it eliminates minor errors but what about the major ones? It is detected when finally the program runs.

Brands that use Python

Google, Apple, PayPal, Netflix, Invision

Start Learning Python right here right now by following the link – SimplifiedPython.net

#2 Java

best programming languages to learn

This high level language was developed by Sun Microsystems. Not a single programming language could beat the popularity of Java since it was first appeared in 1995.


  • Java is Highly cross-platform language and the programs written in Java can run flawlessly on any platform whether it is desktop or mobile or embedded systems. Even the embedded systems are mostly programmed using Java.
  • It is used by most of the enterprises and popular as a mature language which has been developing and enhancing with each of the new updates to meet the needs of real world coding.
  • Unlike others Java is a platform independent language that means same program can run on any platform having JVM seamlessly.
  • Java is easy to learn. It is comparatively less difficult when it comes to writing, compiling or debugging.
  • Java is designed with security in mind. It is known as one of the most secure programming languages.
  • It is reliable that’s why the chances of errors is very less as it does every sort of early error checking.
  •  However Kotlin is now declared as official language for Android Java is still at number one and most of the apps are designed with it. To learn more about Kotlin hit the link Why Switch to Kotlin For Android App Development
  • There are millions of developers and billions of devices which use Java so the community support can’t be bigger than it.


  • The first disadvantage of Java is it is verbose. We have to write long codes to do a very small work.
  • Java is executes slow. It is slow in comparison to other native languages like C or C++.
  • It takes more memory space than the other languages.

Brands that use Java

Google, Fitbit, T Mobile, Thumbtack are few of the companies which use Java.

#3 JavaScript

best programming languages to learn

JavaScript has the title of most dynamic scripting language and is used for front-end web development. It is almost everywhere on the web and this makes it one of the best programming languages to learn.


  • The first thing which comes in mind with JavaScript is the Speed. The codes run faster as there is nothing like contacting server and waiting for the answer.
  • The simplest among all in terms of syntax. It is as simple as reading or writing English.
  • It is versatile and can co-ordinate with any other language with full efficiency.
  • It gives the dimensions to the website. It is used to give effects on the websites and improves the visual display of web pages.
  • It executes on the client’s computer and that’s why it reduces the demand of web-server.
  • JavaScript is one of the essential skills for a web developer and gives so many job opportunities.


  • Security is the biggest issue with JavaScript. The code runs on the user’s side so it is very easy to exploit the security.
  • Being a client side language the developer does not have the controls over how the program will run. Unlike the server side programs which run same on every computer, JavaScript can interpret differently on different web browsers.

Brands that use JavaScript

Google, Shopify, Uber, Thumbtack, Microsoft, LiveRamp, Accenture, Groupon are few of the companies which use JavaScript.

#4 PHP

best programming languages to learn

After the client-side language we move to the most popular server-side programming language. It is one of the most widely used server side programming and scripting language.


  • It is Open source, widely used and have a better community support.
  • Continuously developing and enhancing its functionality.
  • It is platform independent that means it can run smoothly on most pf the leading Operating Systems and web servers.
  • Faster execution
  • One of the most simple scripting languages in terms of learning and it is very similar as C or Java.
  • Almost every Enterprise uses PHP which makes it easier to get job with a good skill of PHP.


  • Since PHP is an open source language, security is a big issue with it.
  • It is very difficult to manage large programs and a bunch of apps since it is not highly modular.

Brands that use PHP

Tesla, Nokia, Dynamic Signal, Thumbtack, Slack, Sprinklr and many other companies are using PHP

#5 C

best programming languages to learn

C is the oldest language in our list of best programming languages to learn. It is a general purpose structured programming language developed in Bell Labs in 1972.


  • It is highly portable that means a program written for one system can run exactly the same with a very little or absolutely no changes.
  • It can extend itself and programmers can add their own functions to the C library.
  • Being a compiled language it executes very fast.
  • It is the building block of most of the well known languages like Python and C++ and the Operating Systems like Windows, UNIX and Linux.
  • It is best suitable for the beginners as it has a very small vocabulary and the simple syntax makes it easy to learn and that makes it one of the best programming languages to learn.
  • It is used for building application software like spreadsheets, graphical applications like gaming apps and software and used in mathematical evaluations.
  • Being a structured language it lets you define problems in the form of functional modules or blocks.


  • The first drawback of C language is, it is not Object Oriented which lead to develop C++ as the successor.
  • It does not supports the concept of namespace which prevents of assigning same name for two different variables.
  • It only supports compile time error checking so without run time error checking C does not ensures whether the correct data is being executed or not.

Brands that use C

Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft are few of big names that use C Programming Language.


#6 Swift

Best Programming Languages To Learn


Swift is described as Objective-C without a C. It was introduced by Apple in the year of 2014 as the official language for developing OSX and iOS applications.


  • Its neat syntax makes it easy to read and write. It does not use semicolons to end the lines or the parenthesis in if/else statements and these differences makes it more like reading or writing in English.
  • Swift is open source which makes it less costly.
  • It is constantly evolving. It is available for Linux right now but it will be soon available for Windows also.
  • The inbuilt error checking reduces the development time as it immediately finds the error and triggers run time crash which forces you to fix the issue on time.
  • It provides safer and easy to maintain apps. Swift is independent and that makes it easier to maintain and manage the programs written in it.
  • It is inter operable with objective – C that means that means programmers can use their objective – C elements in their Swift programs.
  • Moreover it is the official language of iOS development that makes it into the list if best programming languages to learn.


  • The firs draw back of Swift is there is a very limited scope of working with it outside the iOS and OSX.
  • At one hand we see it evolving, on the other hand we find it quite new till now, and that is one of its drawbacks in today’s context because it is in development phase and it makes it unstable.
  • Swift can not be used in the OS older than iOS7. It only works on newer versions. But this couldn’t be a bigger problem because almost 95% Apple devices run on the recent version of iOS.
  • The community is still increasing so there isn’t a big talent pool for Swift.

Brands that use Swift

Apart from Apple, Uber, LinkedIn and Airbnb are some of the companies that are using Apple’s Swift Programming Language.

#7 Ruby/Ruby On Rails

Best Programming Languages To Learn


Ruby is the most recommended  programming language to the beginners as one of the best programming languages to learn and got a hype with the framework Ruby On Rails. Lets go through some pros and cons of it.


  • Ruby is rich with its resources. There are lots of books and documentations that will help you to learn it.
  • The large community support is also essential with Ruby.
  • Ruby on Rail is the framework which makes this easy language even easier to learn as well as reduces time of development as it gives a huge collection of pre-existing codes.
  • A programmer can use these predefined codes with a few modifications in their program to save the time and efficiency.
  • there are so many job opportunities for the programmers skilled with Ruby/Ruby On Rails.


  • Ruby is a comparatively new and very unique coding language and this makes it difficult for some programmers to adapt it easily.
  • Ruby is described as a slower programming language when it comes to the execution time.
  • Being a new language it is in its development phase but the updates are very slow in comparison to other languages.

Brands that use Ruby On Rail

Airbnb, Shopify, Bloomberg, Hulu and Slideshare are some popular sites that are made up with Ruby on Rails.

So, these are the 7 handpicked best programming languages to learn in 2017. If you find some other languages more convenient feel free to recommend us on the comment section.


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