Can iPhones Get Viruses From Websites : The Facts Revealed

iPhones are no doubt one of the most secure devices available. It isn’t as easy for any type of malware or virus to attack an iPhone as it is on an Android or any other device. Every Apple device is manufactured with a number of security patches that help them to avoid viruses and other vulnerabilities. But how secure it is? As we all know it is almost impossible for an iPhone to get infected with viruses from apps. But as we all serf internet and it is full of websites that can contain malicious codes which can infect your device, Can iPhones Get Viruses From Websites, is a big question.

How Secure iPhone Is?

can iphones get viruses from websites

iPhone and all the other Apple devices are known for their security features. Apple takes the security of their devices very seriously. As of where Android devices are always in the threat of getting viruses, iPhone is always up-to-date in this case.

  • They always keep an eye on the possibility of any exposer for unwanted stuff to enter in the device.
  • They are always ready to take an action if there is any possibility that iPhones can get any kind of malware.
  • Their software is always up-to-date to restrict any kind of malware or software from their devices.

These are something the company does to keep your device secure but what about the hackers or the malware creators. What do they do to break the iPhone’s security? There is a thing, as Apple work and invest so much in the security measures it gets difficult to break into their security patches. As no one wants to work in difficult conditions if they have an easy option. The same applies to the people who create viruses. They have some very easy targets on which Android tops. Android doesn’t have that up-to-the-mark security features, and this makes it an easy target. The other reason is that the number of Android users is huge in comparison to other Smartphone Operating Systems. So, they mostly work to attack these devices and do not focus much on the iPhones. This is a minor but important reason that keeps iPhones much secure.

iPhone Security Measures

App Store Restrictions

Unlike Android, the only way to install apps on an iPhone is to download them from App Store. This makes it so much more secure as it doesn’t allow any app to be installed other than their official app store. And it’s not a difficult task to understand that it isn’t easy for any app to get approved for uploading on App Store. There are millions of Apps available there and every single app is reviewed by the expert professionals for any kind of malicious activities. If they find any possibility that an app can contain something vulnerable, they reject the app. So, if you are downloading apps on Your iPhone you need not worry about the safety issues.

iOS Updates For Added Security

Apple updates their software regularly and all the devices that are compatible get them right at the time. This is the reason why most of the iPhones run on the latest version of OS. They consider the security measures very strictly with all their updates. This makes every new version of OS more secure.

Sandboxing Of Apps

Sandboxing of apps is the biggest move by Apple to secure iPhones. iPhones have a sandbox feature that permits the apps running on the device for reading or writing files only in that particular space. The system rejects all the other attempt of apps to get data from the device. This feature restricts the reach of the apps up to a secure level. This makes the chances of getting viruses through apps almost zero.

This feature not only secures your device from malicious apps but it restricts the working of Antiviruses also. Antivirus apps are those who have the deepest reach in your phone’s data. It’s because they are supposed to scan everything to keep your phone safe. But for the same reason, these apps are targeted the most. As Apple sandboxes all the apps it gets impossible for the antivirus apps also to reach your data.

If you think it’s a demerit, no! it’s not. iPhones have all the features inbuilt that make it sufficient and you do not need any Antivirus app or software. Moreover, the antiviruses made for iOS are nothing but the copy of iPhone’s security features. So, there are no actual needs of these kinds of software if you are having an iPhone.

Can iPhones Get Viruses From Websites

Now we are ready to answer this question “Can iPhones Get Viruses From Website”. The answer is unfortunately yes. It is very rare but not impossible. There are ways where Apple is always working to make their devices more and more secure there are people how are working day and night to break their system and after every security update, they start working on cracking it in new ways. So, not easily but it is possible to get viruses on your iPhone from websites.

How To Prevent Your iPhone From Getting Viruses

To minimalize the chances of getting your iPhone infected with viruses you need to follow these few things.

Keep Your iPhone’s Software Updated

As we have discussed earlier, every iOS update contain some added security measures to ensure more security, you have to keep your iPhone updated with the latest software. This is the most important step to keep your iPhone safe from viruses.

Do Not JailBreak

Usually iPhones never get malware or viruses but if you jailbreak your device then things change. Jailbreaking your iPhone end up removing so many security features that make it more exposed to the malicious codes that can get into your phone more easily. So, if you want to keep your iPhone away from the risk, just DO NOT JAILBREAK YOUR iPHONE.

Keep A Distance From Unfamiliar Websites And Links

Though your iPhone has awesome security features that don’t imply you have the freedom to click any link. Hackers and people who create suspicious elements are also always updating and trying to fool your device system. You can never know from which website or link you can get viruses so it is better to avoid unfamiliar or suspicious looking links or websites. This will lower the risk to almost zero.


So, as now we know how difficult it is to infect an iPhone with viruses we can definitely understand how secure it is. But if you think the security patches are enough and you can use your iPhone however you want without worries you are going on a wrong way. No matter how secure your device is there always resides a possibility of breakage of the barriers. If you do not want any risk, use your iPhone wisely.

There are so many reasons to love iPhone in which security is on the top but that doesn’t make it perfect. There is a load of reasons why iPhone is the best option for you and equal reasons why iPhones suck. So, when you are making your mind consider both of the things, compare what is more important to you and then decide what you have to buy.

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