How can a Programmer Make Extra Income from Home

Hey everyone! In this post we have got something especially for the coders and programmers. As we know that the IT industry is going sky high in entire world and making the paths for new opportunities for those who wish to work in this industry. But with all these good things there is a huge crisis of jobs in this industry. Have you ever thought about why it is so? We have come up with the answer. The main reason behind it is that we all are running in the rat race of getting into a big multinational company or something equivalent to that so that we can earn a good amount of money. We do not look for the other opportunities where we can use our programming skills in a much better way that too with good earnings. Today we will discuss about those different ways  about How can a Programmer Make Extra Income from Home.

How can a programmer make extra income from home

If you are a programmer and willing to earn by your own the most important thing is to test your ability and skills of programming. Remember that there are a hundreds of programmers with whom you have to compete to make your own space in this community and if you are anywhere less than them it will be really hard for you. The only way to make yourself a pro is that polish your skills continuously and always let the path open for learning. IT industry is a developing one and is adding some new dimensions each and every day to itself so for a programmer there is something new to learn every single day. Working and competing would seem easy if you take these some points seriously before you come forward into the industry. Another considerable point is that there isn’t any answer of “how to make quick money online”. Every field and every platform needs patience and dedication. So, now after this free preaching from my side we will head to the different ways that will tell you the answer about “How can a Programmer Make Extra Income?”.

#1 Freelancing


Freelancing is a new but well recognized term in the field of self – employment. Programmer freelance is a great way to start your income in the IT industry. If we define a freelancer in the simplest words then we would say that a Freelancer is the one who offers his services for a payment and not committed with any long term business. In freelancing, although we don’t expect permanent clients but it totally depends on your service and your work relationships with your customers. If someone is getting a better service why they won’t come to you again?

Reasons to get into Freelancing

  • There is no boss like thing in this. You are your own boss and this lets you work on your own conditions.
  • If you are dedicated to your work and doing well you can earn more than your friends who are in the same field and working under some reputed companies.
  • There isn’t a fixed schedule or venue. Flexibility of time and place lets you work any time any where, this leads to give you free quality time to spend with your loved once.
  • You can work on the areas of your interest. You can choose to work on just those fields which you are best in and are passionate about.
  • Depending on your customer relationship and service you can get some loyal clients and long term work relationships. And these clients surely refer you to the others that will ultimately ease up your business. Trust me, reference and mouth publicity is the best, effortless and cheapest way of advertising. It takes only your dedication towards your work.

Some platforms to help you

If you are starting today there are several websites for freelancing which will help you out. You just have to create a profile in these sites in your work genre. They will provide you the projects and a comfortable deadline. You will get paid by completing your task at the time. Some of these websites are,,,,, This is a list for some reference only, there are a lot more websites like these which you can easily find.

Getting into these websites will be the best way to start your journey of freelancing.

#2 Create Your Own Website or Blog


The other fantastic way you can start your earnings is by making your own website. It can be a personal blog also. You can share your programming ideas and tips on the website with your readers. Different and unique concepts about programming and coding you will share on your website will attract more and more readers towards it. Creating your own website is important in freelancing also as your readers will come to know about your qualities and expertise by your articles and you can also get your clients through these. You can earn on your website by giving online consult and other services, Google Adsense and advertisements. There are no limits of earn money online with websites; it just depends upon the contents of your posts and your dedication towards it.

#3 Develop Apps

develop apps

The market hasn’t any shortage of Applications for different operating systems and devises but every user seeks for a good and reliable app which can be your forte in this field. You can earn a lot with developing some apps. Make sure to create a trendy app and the quality and interface of your app have to be great. Keep a distance with creating spam and making stuffs which are eye catchy but useless. It won’t help you in long term and make your reputation go down also.

#4 Creating exciting online Games

game development

If you have a unique talent and awesome creativity to develop an exciting game then this is the area for you. Who doesn’t like to play games in their spare time? And you can use this as an opportunity. If you were not into game programming till now but have some great ideas to create a super addictive game then you can just start learning the coding for games. It won’t be much difficult for you as you are already a programmer. There are many ways to earn through developing games.

You can create money by developing and selling your games. There are many e- commerce sites like or Amazon and others on which you can sell your games to earn a good amount. Developing IOS or Android gaming apps can also be a good idea. If you are good in developing online games then you can work with Google also. You can earn a decent amount of money on your online games with Google Adsense. You can sell your online games on the online gaming sites like,, and lots of similar websites like these.

#5 Programming competitions

coding competiton

This is another growing way for earning for programmers. There are many sites on the internet which run the programming contests among the programmers from worldwide. The winners of these competitions get some easy money and other exciting prices. Different reputed companies also keep an eye on these competitions and through one of those also to reach to the talented coders. These competitions not only provide the ways of earning easy income but along with that a reach to big companies, Gives the chances to interact with pros. it is a good platform of learning also as you can see other members’ codes which will show different approaches for same problem. You just have to make your profile on these sites to participate in the competitions. And here comes another free advice from me, don’t forget to add your college details also because the colleges also gate rated on these sites according to the ratings of the programmers from those colleges. Some of the websites who run these programming contests are,, and many others which you can find easily by searching for them.

#6 Create WordPress plugins and Themes

WordPress is a well known name in the web world and this is also a scope of earning if you are a web programmer.  If you have used WordPress you must be aware of the plugins without which one can’t run their blogs. There are a thousand of plugins available on WordPress to add extra features to the blogs.

You can also create dedicated plugins for almost anything which can add up to the websites. You can make them premium to earn directly from the users or you can also make them free of cost and earn by the advertisings.

Similarly you can create some great WordPress themes also, which you can sell on your own website or on Creative Market, Themeforest, Mojo Themes and other similar platforms as well. There are a lot of ways to earn with WordPress about which we will talk in some other dedicated article.

#7 Help your Juniors and other New programmers with their projects and assignments

This is the last but not the least in our list. The easiest way to earn an income is by offering help to your juniors in their projects and assignments. This is a great and easy way to earn as you don’t have to put any effort except having a good repo among your juniors. Every programmer have to make some assignment in their academic years and due to lack of experience most of them find it difficult to complete them all by their own so they seek help with the pro seniors with whom they have good relations and in most of the cases they are ready to pay a good amount for this purpose.

You don’t have to do much, just help them with your skills and ideas and get your income, that’s it. Make them learn something from you also, it would be more beneficial for them and ultimately it will also pay to you in some other forms like respect, appreciation and some reference to other juniors also. ;P

So, these are some ways to tell How can a Programmer Make Extra Income. If you also have some other ideas please let me know in the comment section. If you have some queries about this article feel free to ask us. Our next post will be published soon till then take care and stay tuned.

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