Command Prompt Tricks : 11 Useful Commands You Must Know

Command Prompt is always like a mystery to most of us. The biggest reason is its dull interface and our less interaction with it. Dull interface is because….yeah it is dull (no explanation of it) and less interaction is because we do not think it is as useful. It seems like old fashion stuff and there are so many easy ways to do everything on your computer than command prompt and its complex commands.But do you know it can be interesting and useful too. Yes, there are so many commands that make it easy to do your tasks better than any other methods. So, here we are today, to introduce some of the major command prompt tricks that can change your perspectives about command prompt.

11 Useful Command Prompt Tricks

#1 Help Command For Any Kind Of Help

The first command we are going to discuss is the help command. This is the one which can work for you when you forget any command or want to know more.

Open the command prompt in your system and type help and then press the enter key. You will find the result as in the screenshot below.


command prompt tricks

We will be using this one in our other tricks also to understand it and the other included commands more.

#2 Change Colour Of Command Prompt Window

We all know how dull the default command prompt window looks. But if you know this command you can change the appearance in terms of colours. You can change the colours of the background as well as the text according to your will.

There are color codes for each color and if you can not remember all of them, help command is there.

Just type help color in the cmd prompt window and you will find all of the color codes there.

command prompt tricks

You only need to type a command color bt (replace b with the color you want on the background and t with the color you choose for the text)

For example, as I have selected red for the background and light purple for the text. (I know it isn’t looking good though)

For this combination, I typed color 4d

command prompt tricks

#3 Know Your System With systeminfo

systeminfo is the command that provides all the information about your system.

Launch the command prompt, type systeminfo and hit enter. Just after it, you can see all the system information in the output of this command.

command prompt tricks

#4 Watch Star Wars

Though it is not something productive, it is the command prompt’s way to entertain you. Yes, you can watch full episode IV of Star Wars right at your command prompt.

You need to run the command telnet thats it. enjoy your free time watching the ASCII version of Star Wars Episode IV.

command prompt tricks

Note: If you run the command and nothing happen that means you need to enable telnet client, which is generally disabled in Windows. Go to your control panel and click on the program and features option. Here you will find an option of turning windows features on or off. click on it and check on the telnet client in the column opened. Now you can go to the command prompt again and run the same command as before.

#5 Control + C To Abort Any Command

The Ctrl + C is the life saviour and we all use it to copy texts generally. But do you know the significance of it in the command prompt? It is not only used for what we know but also to abort ongoing process on the command prompt. There are a few commands that are not undoable and ctrl + C cannot be used there. But for the commands that are undoable and do not affect anything if these are aborted in the middle of execution, we use this key.

Use it when you have click enter for a command and now that command is taking long for execution. It will abort it in the middle of the process.

#6 Turn WiFi Hotspot On

If you want to setup your systems WiFi hotspot on, you can do it right from the command prompt. The only thing you need to do it is opening the command prompt as an administrator. For this search for cmd and then right click on the command prompt. You will find an option of “run as administrator”.

After opening the command prompt run the command netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=Youthotspotname key=yourpassword 

After the setup, we’ll need to run the command netsh wlan start hostednetwork

To stop it execute the command netsh wlan stop hostednetwork

#7 Function Keys

F1: Pastes the last executed command. Hit F1 for as many times as the number of letters in the last command.
F2: The F2 key pastes all the previously executed commands up to the character we enter.
F3: Pastes the last executed program all at once. Hit F3 once and you can have the command you last ran there.
F4: Deletes current prompt text up to the character we enter.
F5: Pastes all executes commands one at a time. You can relay all the commands you have executed up to the one you want to run again
F6: F6 is used to paste ^Z in the prompt.
F7: F7 is the key which displays a list of all the previously executed commands from which you can select the one you want to paste.
F8: It works as same as F5 but it cycles all the previously executed commands.  
F9: It is used with F7. You can use the arrow key to reach the command you want or hit F9 at it will ask for the command number you want to paste, from the list.

#8 Find IP Address Of Any Website

You can check the IP address of any website you want to right through your command prompt. Type a simple command nslookup www.sitename.domain (Replace sitename with the site you want to enter and domain with its domain name). For example, we have used Google here. For this, we typed the command as nslookup

command prompt tricks

#9 Open Command Prompt In Any Directory

When you are working in command prompt switching the directories can be a frustrating task as no want to run the cd or chdir command again and again. To get rid of this frustration you can directly open the command prompt in the directory you want to access. It is not as difficult as it sounds like. We just need to go to the folder which we want to get into in command prompt and right click on it while holding shift. When we do so we can see an option of Open command window here. Click on it and you are done. The command prompt will open directly in that particular folder.

Windows 10 has updated the settings due to which some users can get the option of open PowerShell Window here instead of the command window. If you are one of those people you can change this setting by editing it in the windows registry.

#10 Check All Your Command History

Another important trick in our list of command prompt tricks is here. If you want to recall a command that you have used but can’t remember at the time, this trick can be helpful for you. Try to execute the command doskey /history. You can see all the commands you have run before as an output of it at a single place.

command prompt tricks

#11 Exit For Exit

To exit this post we have our last command here. Type Exit in the command prompt and run. As the output of it you will be exited from the command prompt directly.

So, these are the 12 simple and interesting command prompt tricks that can help make it easy, interesting and happening place. There are a lot more command prompt tricks we have but we will share them some other time.


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