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“WhatsApp” Guys! Yes, there isn’t any misspelling and you read it right. This is the word of focus on today’s post. WhatsApp is one of the most popular and successful messaging apps so far on android as well as iOS which uses internet to transfer messages in the form of text, voice notes, pictures, GIFs, Videos and other different file formats. It provides the facility of voice and video calling via internet. The simple and user friendly interface is the main reason behind its popularity over other similar apps. It has gracefully replaced the paid messaging service of our phones since it was launched in January, 2009. As long as I have observed I haven’t seen a single Smartphone without this app which easily reflects its popularity. If you are thinking the post is about Download Whatsapp Plus for Android, but what I am discussing? Don’t worry you can download WhatsApp Plus from here just keep reading.

However WhatsApp is adding a lot of new exciting feature with each update and we all love this app for it, but at some certain point we all have expected something more from it which we aren’t being provided. For this purpose there is a modified version of WhatsApp called “WhatsApp Plus” and our topic for today is the same. So, let’s have a detailed view on WhatsApp Plus. And then you will also get a link to download whatsapp plus for android.

What is WhatsApp Plus

There has been a big buzz about WhatsApp Plus since a quite few years. So, here we will explain you about what is WhatsApp Plus, how it works and if it is worth to switch on it from WhatsApp or not. WhatsApp Plus is a moded version of WhatsApp. It was first created and launched in 2012, by Rafalete who is a Spanish developer. It had some great features and was getting popularity with time but then it got banned on the Google Play Store due to the complaint of unlicensed source code from authorized WhatsApp and the developers hadn’t any option except backing off of the whole project. But we have found another version of it which claims itself of having exactly same features and qualities as the older one.

WhatsApp Plus or WhatsApp+ as it is known as both, have got some exciting features and many of those which we wish to have on WhatsApp but aren’t there. All the features of the authentic WhatsApp are also included within it.

What is Moded Apk

The term moded or mod is used for modified generally used for modified games. Sometimes users or coders modify some apps according to their interests for example in a game they can add some custom levels , characters, or to get the benefits which the original game offers with a payment or with the conditions like completing certain levels and other things. Similarly, in other apps as if we talk about WhatsApp plus itself, the developer has created it by cracking and modifying the source code of WhatsApp. They have added their own custom features to the app to make it different from the original. But, has the difference made it better or lowered the quality? We will talk about it here.

Download Whatsapp Plus for Android

As we have already mentioned it cannot be downloaded from the Google Play Store, here we are providing the link from where the WhatsApp apk can be downloaded. Don’t worry the link is completely safe

Click Here to download whatsapp plus for android  

How to install WhatsApp Plus

After downloading WhatsApp plus for android it is very simple to install WhatsApp plus just click on the link given above and download the apk file from there.

After that you have to first uninstall the original version of WhatsApp. Create a backup of your chats and data before uninstalling it. For which you have to go to the settings and click on the chat option, where you will find backup chats, just click on it and the backup will be created.

After uninstalling WhatsApp, install WhatsApp Plus to your phone.Make sure unknown sources in your phone settings is on which lets you to install apps which aren’t downloaded from Play Store.

Now, you have to open the app to create your profile. The process is same as WhatsApp.

After all these process the app is ready for use. Explore the extra features on it which you can not find on the original version of WhatsApp.

Here are some extra features offered by WhatsApp Plus

Customized Themes

  • There are hundreds of themes with which you can customize your WhatsApp Plus to make it look completely different. There isn’t any need of any plugins to download the themes.
  • You can set different wallpapers for different chats.
  • There are a lot of options to customize almost everything like changing tick styles and colors, the colors of headers, logo and other icons, style of profile pictures that too separate for the chat and the home screen.
  • There are a lot of options to change the font also from which you can select your favorite one and can change it any time.


  • Privacy that lets you hide your online status along with the blue ticks, second ticks, recording, microphone, view status and even the writing status also.
  • Hidden modes for private chats, which will be password protected and can only, be visible when you tap on your user name at the upper left corner
  • Custom chat provides you the facility to customize any particular chat with privacy and notifications.
  • Chats can be locked under password protection.

Status Notifications

  • You will be notify whenever anyone of your contact list come online or change their profile pictures.
  • You can see the date and time of every contact when they change their profile pictures, when someone got online or offline and many more things at a single place.


  • You can find the status on the upper side of the chat of that contact.
  • The size of files can be changed before sending it.
  • You can hide the voice call or video call options so that no one can call you through these.
  • Notifications for a particular chat can be mute.
  • There are many other mod features which you can only explore when you install it.

Advantages and Disadvantages of WhatsApp Plus over WhatsApp


  • More customized than WhatsApp as you can select the appearance of almost everything.
  • More privacy as you can hide all your status from your WhatsApp contact like the ticks, online status, typing status and others. WhatsApp Plus gives the facility to hide particular chats whereas WhatsApp can only archive the selected chats but cannot hide.
  • Saves more data by providing the facility to change file size which is not available on WhatsApp.


  • WhatsApp Plus is not available on Google Play Store. One can only download from the other sources.
  • When we were testing this app we found that when we install it for the first time it was difficult to recover the data of which we had made a backup on WhatsApp.
  • However it is found absolutely safe but there isn’t any authentic proof of it.

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