Top 8 Free Phone Call Apps For Your Android Smartphone

We are living in an era in which almost every thing is available on the internet. Where we are stuck with our calling apps with age old technology, there are people who are utilizing their internet data on free calling apps. There are so many apps on play store that provide the facility and in today,s post we are going to talk about these “Top 8 Free Phone Call Apps”. So, without having any further discussion lets have a look.

Free Phone Call Apps

Free phone call apps are nothing but those apps that let us call any person having the same app, over the internet. These apps do not use your phone’s talktime balance but work on your internet data or WiFi. This list of Top 8 Free Phone Call Apps includes those apps that not only gives you the free calling facility but have some other great features and are very popular among the users.

#1 Skype

Free phone call apps

Skype is one of the oldest video calling services and is around since a very long time. It once was one of the most popular app for video and audio calls when there was a very little competition. Skype is now owned by Microsoft and to use it we need a Microsoft account. It is a popular app even now and serves its users with a decent quality of voice and video calls.

#2 Facebook Messenger

Free phone call apps

Facebook messenger is a part of Facebook app that serves for chatting through Facebook accounts. Although we can’t be happy about how it works as there are so many issues people face while using it. But apart from others if we talk about its voice calling then it works great. Almost every person with internet access uses Facebook and have Facebook messenger in their mobile. So, it is pretty much important to give it a place in Best Free Calling Apps.

The quality of voice calling feature of Facebook messenger is decent and people find almost no interruption while using it.

#3 Google Duo

Free phone call apps

Google duo is an awesome app that comes straight from the house of Google. This app is especially made for video calling facility but if we talk about its voice calling feature then it also beats most of the other apps in the category. You just need to sign up with your contact number and you are ready to go. You can connect with whoever uses Google Duo in your contacts. It is simple and reliable. This app is known for its high quality video calls on even comparatively low internet speed and its voice call feature also touches this standard. This app is cross-platform and can connect  Android  and iOS devices.

#4 Google Hangout

Free phone call apps

Another app from Google in the list. This is one of the leading messaging apps and usually comes pre – installed with Android devices. The only thing you need to use this app is a Google account and this won’t be a problem as every single person using Android have it always. It works well with the other platforms like iOS and web also. Google Hangout is a feature rich app in which some of the features include

  • You can add status to your profile which is visible to all your hangout contacts.
  • You can create groups of at most 150 people.
  • In video calling also, you can have a group video call of up to 10 people.
  • You can send media like photos, videos, stickers and even your locations to the chats.
  • The voice call feature works great without any interruption.

#5 Viber

Free phone call apps

If you want to have a conversation with any person through whichever means like voice call, video call or messaging, Viber could be your first choice. It only takes a small login process. The other requirement includes the Viber app installed in both your and the person you want to connect with, mobile. The calls with Viber are secured with encryption. It also provides a hidden chat feature for your private conversation. With these features Viber make it into the top free phone call apps.

#6 WhatsApp

Free phone call apps

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging and communication app and it leads in the free voice call features also. The voice quality of its voice calling makes it in the list of Top Free Call Apps. I am assuming that almost all of us use WhatsApp or have used it earlier as the instant messaging app and we all love it. It has a special window where we can track all the voice or video calls we have made or received. This could be the best free voice call app as the quality is so smooth. I have never found any interruption or lags with its calls and the voice is so clear.

#7 imo

Free phone call apps

imo was ones very popular before WhatsApp launched its video calling feature. It is an app especially made for video calling but the other features like voice call and messaging is also great. This is an app I have found which is one of the best video calling apps that delivers a quality rich facility. This app has a very simple UI which includes only two windows, one which holds all your chats and the other where you find your imo contacts. The best part is that you can contact with any person in your contact who is a user of imo without sharing your contact number.

#8 Hike

Free phone call apps

Hike is again a beautiful app for free voice calling through internet. It has few another features like free SMS to the people in your contact regardless of they have Hike installed in their mobile or not. This app can be annoying a few times as they have notifications all the time but its features are worth tolerating those. I call it all-in-one app that lets you play free games, send free SMS, have free voice calls, keep you updated with news and sports and so many others. You can have a great time using it for your voice calls as it is flawless.

There are so many other apps that provide free voice calls using the internet but we have chosen these because of there reach to the people and their quality. We will love to know about your favorite one.

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