Good Apps For Apple Watch : 10 Essential Apps You Would Love To Keep

The Apple wearables have made us believe that a watch can do so much more than just showing time. Since the launch of the first Apple Watch Series, it has given us the watch goals and has opened a huge door of possibilities which is growing with each and every update. In this mission, the Apple Watch apps are the companions of it. These apps are making it more and more exciting to see how much versatile our Apple wearables can be. In this post, we are going to take a look at some of these apps that can be essential for your Apple Watch. So let’s discover some of the Good Apps for Apple Watch.

Good apps for apple watch

1. Streaks Workout

good apps for apple watch

The first app we think of for an Apple Watch is a fitness app. Streaks Workout is the one we have chosen. The reason is obvious, it has everything we expect with a fitness app. Streaks Workout app can be your best fitness trainer which resides on your wrist all day. This app gives you options to choose how tough/easy, quick/time taking exercise you need to do. It trains and teaches you the workout methods, guides you with the best for you and most importantly it motivates you for the workout sessions. If you are one of those who takes new year resolution of getting fit every year but it never happens, you need to have this app.

2. Carrot Weather

good apps for apple watch

So, you do not want a weather app in your Apple Watch. Really?? Everyone needs to have an app that gives them a proper weather forecast for their area. Carrot weather is one of those good apps for Apple Watch, you can install. This app has a great user interface. The presentation of data in this app has a humorous side which makes it interesting. You can customize the appearance of this app as you want. It is very fast and always up to date, gives almost perfect data (Almost perfect because we all know nothing is perfect; -P). By default, you get the information of weather condition in your current area but you can change it whenever or wherever you want. It saves all the cities and areas where you have used this app.


good apps for apple watch

For every sports lover, sports apps are one of the most important for their Apple Watch And the first app that gets our attention is ESPN. This is one of the best apps for Apple watch for most of the mainstream sports. You can get highlights of the matches, live scores and everything you want with your sports app. You can follow your favorite teams and get notified with the events related to them on your personal feed. If you want to have only one sports app and are interested in most of the mainstream sports you need to have ESPN in your Apple Watch.


good apps for apple watch

Here is the app especially for Baseball lovers. On you get everything related to Baseball. This is one of the most up-to-date apps and provides live scores of the matches as well as the cards of individual players so that you can track their performance. You can get news about all the major leagues, get scores of live matches, track the pitch, get scoreboards of the whole leagues. One can see the highlights and scores of previous matches also. So, if you are also into Baseball this app would be one of some good apps for Apple Watches.

5. Elevate – Brain Training

good apps for apple watch

So, you are doing nothing and want to utilize your time into improving yourself, what would you do? Elevate Brain Training Game can come to your rescue at this time. Elevate is a complete exercise of your brain. It has so many different games that help you simulate your focus, processing, calculation and mathematics skills and many more. This app has a very simple User Interface and it is easy to work with. A daily dose of elevating for a limited period of time can help you train your brain and polish your brains skills. You will get personalize daily exercises on this app. The scorecards help you your track your improvement and keep you motivated. All in all this app has the quality that includes it in the list of good apps for apple watch.

6. Bloomberg: Business News

good apps for apple watch

When it comes to business news Bloomberg is the first app that comes to mind. Bloomberg business news is the app that keeps you updated on the global market. You can get the latest updated data regarding the market. This app gives live updates and headlines about everything going on the business world as well as in the political and other news that can be important for you. This app not only provides all the information about the stock market but you can make your portfolio and keep track of ups and down in your investments.

7. CNN: Breaking US & World News

good apps for apple watch

Can you think of the best news apps without counting CNN? CNN has a reputation that won’t let you do that. CNN is one of the most reliable news app and channel all around the world. You get news from any part of the world on your wrist with this news app. One can also browse through the headlines, news highlights, and pictures. CNN has a facility through which one can select their news of interest and get notifications when such news is there on the app so that they won’t miss it.

8. Flipboard: News for our time

good apps for apple watch


Flipboard is an app that you have to keep in your Apple Watch. With this news app, you can get news from many different publishers and read the news which you are concerned with or which you like. The best part is that you this app gives access to not only big international publishers but you can get news from your local publishers too. This app has some special editions for India, Brazil, Australia, Turkey, China and a few other countries.

Flipboard lets you create your own personal magazine by collecting stories of your interest and concerns to get a quick access to them.

9. Breathe – Meditation & Music

good apps for apple watch

This app first appeared as an inbuilt app with WatchOS 3 and having it inbuilt was never a bad idea. Breath is a health and fitness app that is more concerned with your mental health. As we all know to keep yourself fit and fine not only the physical workouts but the mental health is also as important. Breath app does it just by reminding you to breathe. Yes, the natural process every single human (and other living beings also, I beg you, don’t call me racist.) does.

On this app, you just need to set a session of breathing in which you can set the time and duration and forget. Breathe app will remind you at that time to start your breathing session. When your session starts it will guide you throughout the process as well as it will count your heart rate also. You can get the summary of all your sessions so that you can calculate how much improvement you have got. With Breathe app you can release your stress and keep yourself calm and productive.


good apps for apple watch

Is there anyone in our readers who don’t like music? Well, it’s impossible for us to imagine that. So, for those who love music, that means all of us, here is Overcast, the podcast app. If you are one of those who never leaves their iPhone than you can have this app as with Overcast your Apple Watch work as a controller rather than a podcast itself. You can download the episodes on your iPhone first and then connect it to your Apple wearable to play them.

So, the question is obvious, why would we consider Overcast among good apps for apple watch, if we need our iPhone all the time whenever we want to open this app? Because of its features, yes Overcast have some awesome features that no other podcast app will provide you. The features like voice Boost, 3D Touch support, carPlay support, rich notification and others make it stand different from others and there is no comparison between it and the other apps.


These are some of the apps we would recommend you to have in your Apple Watch. We have selected these apps considering the essential things we all want our Apple wearable can do for us. We have tried to choose the best among them. If you have any suggestions as we always say feel free to share with us in the comment section.

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