Google Tez: Google’s Advent In Unified Payment Interface

India is moving towards digitization and Unified Payment Interface or UPI is not a new term now. Their are so many apps which provide digital payment with UPI. After a lot of projects with collaboration of Indian Government, the global internet search giant Google has arrived in the market of UPI apps in India.

What is Unified Payment Interface (UPI)

unified payment interface

UPI is an RBI regulated system, launched by National Payments Corporation of India. UPI or Unified Payment Interface is a digital payment means, that allows all your bank transactions from your Smartphone. Currently over 50 banks in India are participant in UPI. Unified Payment Interface does not requires any additional bank account details to make the transactions. A person using a UPI app can not only transfer money from one bank to another but they can pay the merchants (if they have enabled UPI transactions) also directly through their Smartphone.

Unified Payment Interface is often confused with the mobile wallets but it is different. Where the mobile wallets like Paytm or other so many apps save your money in a virtual digital wallet, UPI does not do anything like that. UPI only transacts through your bank account that means all the money you have sent, requested, received or any other transfers, directly go to the respective bank account.

Google Tez

unified payment interface

Google Tez is the new launch from the house of leading internet brand “Google”. With a chat-like interface, it is a digital payment app especially launched for India with the collaboration of National Payments Corporation of India. Talking about the meaning of its name “Tez”, it is a Hindi word that means “Fast” which resembles the faster transaction and services of this app.

What It Does

unified payment interface

As I have already said it is a digital payment app that works on Unified Payment Interface, it simply helps you in money transactions from your bank accounts as easily as it can be. So, What’s new?

Lets quickly go through some of the important features and facilities it provides to the user-

Google Tez runs of Unified Payment Interface as you all know. It enables money transaction through over 50 banks in India. It allows direct bank-to-bank money transfer.


It supports several Indian languages including English, Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil, and Telugu.

Totally Indian

Tez works only in India so to use it you have to be in India with an Indian bank account and an Indian mobile number.

Digital Payment

This app can be used for digital payment even in the smallest shops as well as in big business deals if both the parties have their Tez account.

Cash Mode

unified payment interface

Indian always find problems by sharing their personal details with everyone like their bank account number or mobile numbers et cetera. The company have solved this problem by cash mode. It can be enabled by connecting the nearby devices (That exactly works same like the file sharing apps) and do the transactions between both without sharing any kind of details.


unified payment interface

It is secured with three layers of security. First with your bank, the second is by UPI and the last is by Google itself. This app has a security layer called Tez shield which detects the the hacking attempts and prevent them. It keeps an eye on frauds and always verifies your identity.

It uses your phones security lock to enter the app or you can also enable your Google PIN to prevent spoofing.

Chat Window

All the transaction are grouped in the form of conversations which looks like a chat window and makes it easy to track your transaction history.

Services That Support Google Tez

unified payment interface

Google tez has been currently supported by Red Bus, PVR, Dish TV, Domino’s and Jet Airways. It can work for almost everyone who has a bank account.


Google Tez provides so many offers like cash prize and scratch cards with each time you use this app.

How to Install and Use

If you want to use Google Tez then here is the step-by step guide to install and enable it.

The first and most important thing to enable your Tez account is your Google account. You have the option to link other accounts as well but Google account is mandatory to use Google Tez.

Step 1 :
First of all download Google Tez from Play Store if you have an android or from the app store if you are using an iPhone. The size of the app is very small, on android it is of 8MB and on iOS it is of approx 55MB. Here we have provided the download link of Play Store below-

Download : Tez-A new payments app by Google

Step 2 :
After the installation firstly you will be asked to choose your language from a list of several Indian languages which we have mentioned above. Select your preferred language.

Step 3 :
After language selection you will be asked for your mobile number in which you have to provide the number attached with your bank account. It will be verified with an SMS PIN. Then you will have to grant the permissions.

Step 4 :
Once you grant the permissions you will have the option to secure the app with your phones locking system or enable a Google PIN in which you can choose either of which is more convenient.

Step 5 :
The next and the last step is to select your bank from the list and provide your existing UPI PIN if you have any. If you haven’t set it yet for your bank, Tez will guide you to do so.

After these processes your Tez account will be ready and you are all set to use it whenever you want.

Compatibility & Availability

Google Tez is available on the Android as well as on Apple iOS platform. A user having An android Smartphone with KitKat or above OS, can install the app. It is compatible with the iOS 8.2 and above versions.

Google Tez haven’t added the options to add your credit or debit card yet but they are working on it and we expect we will probably be able to do so very soon. We would love to read your opinions in the comment section below.




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