How to Get Paid Apps For Free? Top 6 PlayStore Alternatives

Hi and welcome to Simplified Techy. Previously we discussed about Must Download Apps for Android Smartphones in 2017. Now lets discuss how to get paid apps for free?

Every Android user is familiar with Google PlayStore. It is the official App Store for all android devices which comes pre-installed in androids. It is the one stop shop which provides tons of applications for androids in which some are free, some are paid and some come with both options with conditions like if you want to get rid of ads, or want to use all the features then you have to buy the pro or premium version which is a paid one. So here we will be discussing about some alternatives to google play store and how to get paid apps for free.

Note: Piracy is a crime. The post covers how to get paid apps for free and it is only and only for educational purpose. We don’t encourage piracy. We respect developers and recommend you to buy the apps. Below given methods can be used for trial purpose only. Just keep in mind PIRACY IS A CRIME.

Why we need an alternative of Google Play Store

Have you ever settled for the less because when you searched for some apps on Google PlayStore the best app in the category you needed was a paid one? Or sometime you wanted to download a particular app but it wasn’t available on PlayStore for some reason. This is when you need an Alternative to Google PlayStore. However Android offers only Google PlayStore to download and install apps for your device, but a number of options of Google PlayStore alternatives waiting for you out there where you can find many (I am not saying all but most of) paid apps for free.

  • You can get the paid apps for free on these alternative AppStores.
  • Many of the apps cannot be downloaded in certain devices from Google PlayStore although the device is compatible for that app. In these alternatives one can download those apps also.
  • Some developers don’t release their apps for everyone at ones. Those apps could be available on certain locations or certain devices only. On these AppStores one can find those apps also regardless of your device and location.
  • You can find those apps in these alternative App market which aren’t available on Google PlayStore for some reason.(most of these types of apps are safe though but Google doesn’t gives the surety of their authentication so, we recommend to make sure those apps are safe before downloading them).

How to Get Paid Apps For Free? Top 6 PlayStore Alternatives

In this post we will check out some of these Alternatives and we will provide the link also to download them. If you are willing to install these app stores you can find the free store apk below the descriptions of all the apps. To install these apps first of all you will have to allow installations from third party. For this purpose go to your settings < security < Unknown sources and check in to it. One cannot download these alternatives from Google PlayStore I mean! It’s obvious who promotes their competitors.

So, let’s go through some of these alternatives and find the answer of your question “how to get apps for free”.

#1 Blackmart

get paid apps for free from blackmart

With the user friendly interface and access to most of the free and paid apps that too without any payment Blackmart came to be the first and best market alternative for Google PlayStore. It offers almost all the apps you need. There are no trials or tests of the apps. One can find only the complete app for free. We can download and install these apps without any requirement of any type of account or registration.

Some of the key qualities of Blackmart are listed below

  • Easy and user friendly user interface.
  • Covers almost all the applications of Google PlayStore for free with the addition of those applications also which aren’t available on it.
  • Fast downloading and installing of apps.
  • Multilingual
  • Browsing and searching is easy with custom search feature.
  • It offers some apps with multiple version so that if your device is not compatible for any specific app you can try one of those versions of the app for which your device is compatible.

Blackmart can be downloaded from the link provided below

Download Blackmart

#2 Aptoide

get paid apps for free from aptoide

Aptoide is not only an app but is a fully fledged website. It probably has the best UI and design among all the others in the category.  It is designed to fulfill the google standards and give almost as good experience as Google PlayStore as the categories and tabs look quite similar.

List of key features is below

  • Easy and familiar user interface
  • Homepage suggests currently popular apps selected by the editors
  • User login is not compulsory to make your downloads
  • Biggest store of high quality apps after Google PlayStore
  • Keeps eyes on installed apps and suggests updates when available.
  • Provides apps that are not available on Google PlayStore
  • Has more than 40 worldwide languages
  • Completely free from malwares
  • If you don’t want to download Aptoide app you can browse through its website also for your specific apps.

Aptoide can be downloaded from the link provided below

Download Aptoide

#3 Amazon App Store

amazon app store

After Google PlayStore Amazon App Store is the second most popular App market with over 0.4 million free and paid apps and new apps are added almost each day. Amazon App Store is the primary App Store for Kindles and Fire Phones. It doesn’t have any web interface one can only use it as an app. Amazon provides a service called “Amazon Underground” which offers paid apps absolutely free. However they have announced to take Amazon Underground down but it will take a few years and it is available for the users till 2019.

Find the key features below

  • Similar UI as Google PlayStore
  • Authentic
  • Browsing and searching for apps is easy as they are categorized in different sections
  • Sign in with Amazon account
  • Offers lots of paid apps for free

Amazon App Store can be downloaded from the link provided below

Download Amazon App Store

#4 AppBrain

Another amazing App store is here. AppBrain is for those who are willing to get the latest version of specific apps. It is one of the best PlayStore alternative to download paid apps for free. The developers of paid apps post their apps on AppBrain for a limited time to get some publicity and provide free trails. If you keep track on the latest uploads on AppBrain you can find some of the great apps without spending any amount.

Some of the key features are listed below

  • Great to get paid apps for free
  • Latest apps are available
  • Good UI
  • Offers daily and weekly appchart to discover the trending apps
  • Apps rating and reviews are available to help you out in choosing any application.
  • The design gives you full control over the app. Youcan customize your search, can decide whether to get updates notification or not any many others.
  • AppBrain is available in the app as well as web form

AppBrain can be downloaded from the link provided below

Download AppBrain

#5 1Mobile Market

1Mobile Market is another alternate market for Google PlayStore apps. With a great design it comes with some features which are different from the other similar apps. It has categories of apps which further brakes into subcategories.

Key features of 1 mobile market are listed below

  • If you are willing to know about the global trend you can find tabs like global top which shows globally popular apps and global new shows the latest app trending worldwide, similarly local top and local new tabs are about your local trending apps.
  • It claims having more than 1,600,000 free apps and games and has a huge collection of paid apps also.
  • Users are notified about the updates of their installed apps
  • Breakpoint continuity while downloading is another special feature of 1Mobile market. If the download of any app was interrupted for some reason it will start downloading again from the point on which download was interrupted. It saves data as well as reduces time duration for download also.

1 mobile market can be downloaded from the link provided below

Download 1Mobile Market

There is another Google PlayStore alternative available I would like to talk about.

#6 APKMirror

However APKMirror hasn’t any official app and it is available only in web form, it is also a great app Store for android apps which makes it worth to add in our list. The website is well designed and faster. The best part of this website is that the app developers upload their paid app totally free of cost for a limited time period here. If you are a regular user of APKMirror then there are huge chances of you to get some awesome paid apps for absolutely Zero cost.

The key features of APKMirror are here

  • Easy and friendly user interface.
  • Great design
  • All the updates can be find here immediately after releasing on Google PlayStore.
  • They claim to be malware free that means it is safe to download the apk files of your favorite apps from APKMirror.
  • All the apps one will find here is totally free.
  • Recommendation of latest apps and top trending app is available on the home page and one can search for specific apps also through the search bar.
  • The manual search results come with the list of different versions of the app you searched for, and you can choose the version you want to download.

APKMirror can be reached through the link provided below

Go to APK Mirror

So, Hope I have been successful to answer “how to get paid apps for free” with this post. This was a small list of the apps that lets you get paid apps for free, in short the alternate app stores of Google PlayStore. There are a lot of other similar apps also which work good like 4Shared, Mobogenie, GetJar, F-Droid, SlideMe and many other but we have listed only those some apps which satisfied our criteria.

We at simplified techy are eager to know your feedbacks and to resolve your queries. Feel free to share your views and suggest if you have some ideas in this category. Our next post will be up very soon, till than stay tuned.

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