How To Play Boom Beach On PC

Games can be the best time killer when we are getting bore. At least it is for me. I can spend hours playing games and will not get bored. There are hundreds of games available for our PCs as well as a number of gaming apps can be found on our Smartphone’s app stores whether it is Android or iOS or Windows. But some times it happens that we love a certain game which is available only on a single platform either on Smartphone or on PC and Boom Beach is one of them. This game is normally available for Androids and iOS not for PC.

So, if you are wondering if there is any way to install and play it on your computer then you are on the right place. It is possible and let me tell you, it is very easy to install Boom Beach on computers and laptops. So, if you want to know “How To Play Boom Beach On PC” go ahead on the post.

What is Boom Beach

how to play boom beach on pc

Firstly let me give you an introduction of this game, called Boom Beach. Boom Beach is a very interesting strategic combat game created by Supercell. Supercell have some other very exciting games like Clash Of Clans, Clash Royale and Hay Day and they have the ability to make super addictive games that if you start playing one it would be difficult to stop.

Boom Beach is also carrying their legacy and the 4.5 Star rating with over 50 million downloads alone on Play Store reflects its popularity very well. It is a strategy game in which you will fight with the evil Blackguards in order to save people from them. You will have your fighting troops who will work on your commands. Apart from fighting you will be needed to complete the tasks which you are given.

It is based on a background of beaches and islands and you will protect the islanders from the Blackguards who capture their islands. Playing Boom Beach is easy. It is very addictive and super fun to play.

This game is available for Android, iOS as well as Windows. So, if you love this game or want to play it you don’t have to worried about the platform. You can play it on your mobile as well as on your PC or laptop.

What Are Emulators

According to Wikipedia an emulator is hardware or software that enables one computer system (called the host) to behave like another computer system (called the guest). Emulators help the host system to run and work on the software or hardware which is meant for another system(guest system).

To play Android or iOS games or run other applications on computer we use these emulators. They help our system to support these programs. With the help of emulator our computer starts behaving like our smartphone’s system.

If you are a fan of Boom Beach and want to play it in your computer you need to install a compatible emulator for it.

How To Play Boom Beach On PC

how to play boom beach on pc

To Play Android games on PCs or Laptops there are number of emulators available for you. In which Bluestacks, Droid4X and Nox are few of the most popular emulators. You can choose any one among them.

To download and play Boom Beach or any other Android game first you need to install one of these emulators. For example lets take Bluestacks.

First download and and install BlueStack from BlueStacks’  official website. As you visit the site the executable file will be automatically downloaded.

After downloading you need to reach where this file is saved and click on it.

Now install BlueStacks emulator.

After installation this open it and you will find a number of Android Apps and games to download.
You can search them name on the search bar.

Search and find Boom Beach and download it. Before installation you will be asked if you want to download it with your internet data as it is a large file. Click on Proceed.

Wait for a some moments, it will be downloaded soon depending on your internet speed.

After the installation you can open the game and play it as easily as you do in your mobile.

Final Words

As I said there are a number of game emulators that can help you to download and play Boom Beach and so many other games and apps that are meant for the smartphone. You can choose any of them as your convenience. Almost every emulator is easy to setup and use.

We all love gaming and nothing can beat the experience of playing games on PCs. I hope this post would help you setting up your favorite Boom Beach on your PC. Help your self with this step by step guide and let us know in the comment section if you face any problem, we will try to resolve them.

We will come soon with another interesting post, till then Happy Playing and keep visiting us.

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