How To Unlock Android Pattern Lock Without Factory Reset:Is It Possible?

What is the mostly faced problem of using an Android? For me it’s the forgotten unlocking password. We usually recollect it after a few failed attempts but what if we completely forget it? What if any of our loved ones do it while accessing our phone to irritate us and due to this we are not able to access our own mobile? Is there any way to recover the Forgotten password? Yes! you can recover it with a few processes. So in this post we are going to show you “how to unlock android pattern lock without factory reset” or if it is even possible or not.

How To Unlock Android Pattern Lock Without Factory Reset

It isn’t a difficult task to recover your mobile’s password by resetting your phone completely. But the problem is that we will never like formatting our phone completely without having a backup to our phone’s data. When we reset the phone so that we can change the password we don’t have any way to create backups for our important files and we have to reset it anyway. But is there any way to  change the password without having to factory reset our Android. Continue reading to know how you can do it.

#1 Backup PIN or Forgot Password

how to unlock android pattern lock without factory reset

This is the simplest method to unlock your Android when you forget your password. As we all know we can never use an Android properly without associating it with a Google account.  This method uses your associated Google account to unlock your mobile.

First you need to feed wrong passwords as many time as your device displays a notification that you can not unlock your mobile until 30 seconds.

After this when the countdown is running for 30 sec you will find an option of backup PIN or Forgot Password.

Click on it and you will be asked for the user ID and password of your Google account associated with that Android device.

Once you feed it correctly your phone will be unlocked instantly.

This works only for the devices with less than Android 4.4 version. After this Google increased the security more for Androids and removed this option. But there are a few devices which have their own mechanisms for this.

As this method do not work for all Android devices if you have a device which do not support this feature then your device won’t give you the option of backup PIN and this method is worthless for you.

#2 Third Party Software

how to unlock android pattern lock without factory reset

There are a few third party software and tools available which can help you unlocking your Android without loosing your mobile’s data. The range includes some toolkit like dr.fone, Aroma File Manager, Android SDK tools, Android Debug Bridge (ADB) Tool and others that can help you in recovering your mobile’s password without loosing your data.

To use these Software make sure the USB debugging is enabled in your device.

After enabling it you can connect your mobile to the PC where the toolkit is installed.

Different devices with different manufacturers support different tools and different methods. You need to select precisely for the one which suits your mobile.

Sadly most of these types of tools work for the devices manufactured by some particular companies and others are left with almost no choice.

If these can not work for you, then the only option is to reset your mobile without having backups as we cant backup it without unlocking.

#3 Google Find My Device

how to unlock android pattern lock without factory reset

This could be the best option when you forget your phone’s password and you are not afraid of resetting your mobile. This facility is actually meant for searching your device when you can not find it. But this can help you with changing your mobile’s password also.

All you need to do is to go on

Here you need to login with the Google account associated with the device in which you want to change the password.

After log in you will find three options Either to Ring Your Phone, Lock it or Erase everything from it.

Choose Erase. Then you will be asked if you want to erase everything from your mobile where click on ERASE.

That’s it wait for the process to complete and the restart your mobile.

Your mobile will be ready for the first setup after factory reset.

This is the easiest as well as safest method to reset your mobile in order to change the forgotten password.

#4 Recovery Mode

how to unlock android pattern lock without factory reset


This is an another option for you to reset your Android’s password when you are ready to factory reset your device.

To access this option you need to try the key combination which takes you to the recovery mode of your mobile.

These Key Combination can be different for different handsets, a few option we are giving below which you can try

Power Button + Volume UP
Power Button + Volume Down

If your device have different keys for volume up and volume down then you can try these also

Power Button+ Volume UP + Volume Down
Volume UP + Volume Down

Try pressing these key combination so that you can know which one works for your device and takes you to the recovery mode.

After getting into Recovery mode you will find different options. Reach “wipe data/factory reset” by scrolling down with volume down button and select it with power button.

After selecting it you will be asked if you want to delete all user data, where you need to tap yes.

After this wait for a few moments until the process is completed. Then using volume and power button reach and select “reboot system now” and that’s it, You are done.

Now when your device starts again you can set it up as when you do after formatting it.

You need to be attentive when you are working on the recovery mode. A single mistake can make your mobile bricked.

Final Words

These are a few ways to change your mobile’s password when you forget it. As now we know it is possible to change forgotten password on Android without having to factory reset it. But this is not so easy and not necessarily works for every device. So, the option is less and most of the time we will get to reset the device only.


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