5 Best Keyboards with Emojis for Android Smartphone

Hello readers!!! Welcome back to Simplified Techy. Since emojis have arrived they made a revolutionary change in our electronic communication methods. Emojis have the ability to convert our simple, plain and boring text messages into an interesting one by adding emotions and dimensions into it. So I tried finding out 5 best keyboards with emojis for android.

We all know that a single sentence can reflect many different emotions like if I say “You are intelligent” it can reflect admiration, to gibe, sarcasm, and others. One can only catch the exact feeling by our body language and facial & vocal expressions. Emoticons play the same role in electronic chats and communications. I personally have found if we don’t use a perfect emoji or we don’t use it at all the probability of our messages to be misunderstood gets increased as there isn’t any gesture to express the correct feelings behind it.

So, now as you know the importance of emojis in our internet life thanks to my “free ka gyan” (Free of cost preaching) 😛 we are ready to get into the mood of today’s post.

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Keyboards with Emojis for Android Smartphone

To find the perfect emoji which can reflect our feelings and emotions exactly like we want, we need a perfect emoji keyboard app and if you are also in this search then you have found the right place.

Today’s post is all about “5 Best Keyboards with Emojis for Android Smartphone” to take your exact emotions and feelings to people all the way via internet and networks. The keyboards we have selected for our post are not only best in terms of emoji but we have tested the other features of them also because emojis are not the only thing that matters in keyboards for android when we are texting or messaging. So lets discover the list about best keyboards with emojis for android.

5 Best Keyboards with Emojis for Android Smartphone

Let’s explore the world of cute emoticons

#1 Bubble Keyboard

PlayStore Rating: 4.5 Stars
Downloads: 5 thousand
Price: Free

Bubble keyboard is relatively new among the category but is worth keeping in your android device. It is not exactly an emoji keyboard but not less than any of the others in the list. My personal favorite Bubble keyboard or Bubble app is one of a kind. It can be categorized in the best keyboards for androids with its extraordinary features.

Let’s go through all the features of Bubble Keyboard

  • This is the only keyboard which lets you make your own new emojis and stickers.
  • It has its own camera which can change your picture into a sticker which is termed as bubble.
  • It has a gallery full of stickers, memes, GIFs and its artificial intelligence can add your selected face in all these to make them more interesting to use. And if this is not enough for you then you can add your lines and dialogues in your own language on the place of pre – defined funny slangs.
  • They have a huge list of funky and trendy categories of Stickers and stories which is upgraded on a regular basis.
  • You cannot find more appropriate emoticons and stickers anywhere than the bubble keyboard
  • Looks similar to GBoard and similar features like glide typing, voice typing are also there and work perfectly
  • Autocorrect and word prediction works up to the mark
  • Features of making your text Italic, bold, underlined or strikethrough adds something more to make it different
  • Related Sticker prediction when you type text is something amazing.
  • A huge option to change your layout and themes. You can add your picture from your phone gallery also in it.
  • Supports most of the Indian languages that too along with their funny versions.
  • Everything you find in Bubble keyboard is completely free and all the features are available with no plugins and additional app downloads
  • All an all Bubble app is a highly recommended keyboard and I can assure you that you cannot get enough of it while exploring.

#2 Go Keyboard

PlayStore Rating: 4.5 Stars
Downloads: 100 Million
Price: Free/in – app purchases/ads

When we talk about android keyboard app there is a huge list of excellent apps on PlayStore but when it comes to a good emoji keyboard for android most of the apps in the category fails to deliver a better experience. After observing precisely we have added Go keyword in our list. It is one of the best keyboards when we talk about the emojis as well as other keyboard features also.

Let’s have a look on the features of this app

  • There are 800+ free emoji to turn your plain text with full of emotions
  • They have a gallery full of stickers to make your chats and conversation more fun
  • To customize your keyboard you can use any of the 10,000+ keyboard themes which are upgraded every week.
  • It supports 100+ fonts so that you can never get bored of using a single one.
  • Word autocorrect works well.
  • Supports various layouts like QWERTY, QWERTZ and AZERTY
  • Voice input typing is also available in this app.
  • Fast typing and free from hangs and lags which is the biggest problem with most of the Keyboard apps.

#3 Flash Emoji Keyboard and Themes

PlayStore Rating: 4.2 Stars
Downloads: 10 Million
Price: Free/ads

Flash emoji keyboard is also a great app if you love to add emojis in your chats. With a good rating and great reviews with delivering everything they say it has made its space in our best emoji keyboards list. Its cute look and some very interesting emojis, stickers and GIFs it is one of the must have keyboard app for any android user.

We are listing the feature of Flash emoji keyboard below

  • It has a numbers of options to add gestures in our text messages like Cool emojis, Emoticons, GIFs and stickers
  • Have a ton of colorful themes to choose in accordance to our likings.
  • Customizable layouts
  • Supports 50 plus languages
  • Typing is fast and clean.
  • Autocorrect and word predictions also work great.

#4 Fleksy Keyboard

PlayStore Rating: 4.4 Stars
Downloads: 5 Million
Price: Free/in-app purchases

Fleksy keyboard is not listed in emoji keyboards but is one of the best third party keyboards available on Google PlayStore so far. It is the first which introduced GIF feature on keyboards. After installation it gives an interesting tutorial to make us understand its working.

Features of Fleksy Keyboard

  • The most customizable keyboard available on PlayStore.
  • The ability to change pre – defined short forms into the long words makes it different from others.
  • Word prediction and auto correction works great.
  • The developers claim that Fleksy keyboard is the fastest and most accurate keyboards among all the others.
  • It supports 42 languages so that you won’t have to struggle finding your language.
  • Its GIFs are something which made it to take a place in the list of Best emoji keyboards. However there are many other keyboards available with GIF but no one can beat it with these till now.

#5 Swiftmoji – Emoji Keyboard

PlayStore Rating: 4.3 Stars
Downloads: 500 thousand
Price: Free

Swiftmoji is another keyboard app from swiftkeys. Swiftkeys is itself one of the best keyboard app so far and its specially designed emoji keyboard also matches its standard. The main specialty of Swifmoji is its emoji predictions. When we write words it suggests the perfect emoticons for the word at the emoji prediction bar which is on the top of the keyboard. With its decent look typing is fun with this emoji keyboard. With minimal but great features it is doing great in the category of emoji keyboards.

Some of the feature we discovered in Swiftmoji Keyboard are listed below

  • Emoji predictions based on the words we type
  • Hundreds of emojis to express our mood
  • Lots of themes are available to customize our keyboard layout according to our taste.
  • Size of the keyboard can also be customized.
  • Fast typing response and having no lags makes typing easier.
  • Word prediction and autocorrect is also good.

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So, to make your choice easier, these are some best keyboards with emojis for android we found working well and delivering actually what they say in their descriptions. Try these keyboards and let us know how your experience with this was. If you found this article helpful please write back to us in our comment section and if you also have some suggestions then share them also. Our next post will up soon till than keep visiting Simplified Techy.

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