Learn To Code For Free : Top 10 Sites To Learn Programming

Programming is a subject that fascinates a lot of people. If you are also one of those but you don’t have any knowledge of coding then this post is especially for you. Many of the people want to learn programming but they don’t want to invest much on that. The other problem is they don’t know where to go so that they can get a quality learning experience. You don’t actually need to go anywhere as you can learn to code for free from your home. There are so many websites available on the internet for the same.

In this post, we have gathered Top 10 Sites To Learn Programming For Free. So keep reading to know where you can learn to code for free.

Learn To Code For Free (Top 10 Sites To Learn Programming)

#1 Codecademy

When we think to start learn to code for free the first place comes to mind is Codecademy. This website helps you to not only learn coding but to improve your knowledge about the programming language you are learning. This site gives an interactive course for so many languages. When you start learning through it by choosing any subject, you get a window where you read, another window beside it to write your code and then you can run the code right there. This makes learning as easy as it can be.

Topics Codecademy Offers –   HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby and more.

#2 edX

eDX is a renowned source of learning all around the world. It is an Open Source community for higher education which is governed by MIT and Harvard. They have a huge list of courses in different subjects and fields. When you search for Computer Science you will find more than 500 courses and most of them are verified. Some of the courses can be paid but you can find the free one too. If you do not want a certificate then you won’t need to pay for most of the courses.

Topics eDX Offers – As it is Open source it hasn’t any limit on topics. They offer C#, Java, Python, C++, Machine Learning, SQL and many more

#3 Free Code Camp

Free Code Camp is another great platform to learn coding. It is very similar to Codecademy and gives a similar experience of interactive learning. For me, the main difference is in the instruction section. Codecademy gives an overview of the topic and tries to make it easy to understand whereas Free Code Camp focuses more on practicals and gives the instructions for your task only.

Topics Free Code Camp Offers – HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Database and more

#4  After Hours Programming

After Hour Programming is a different concept in the field of online learning. We can use it as an e-book for different programming and coding languages along with a place of interactive learning. It gives a detailed overview of the topic you are learning and you can have a practical knowledge also in the same window.

Topics After Hour Programming Offers – HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, SQL, Graphics Design and more

#5 The Code Player

The Code Player is a compilation of video tutorials where you can learn by watching. These videos give a detailed view of the topic and coding. You can watch and understand the codes that are flashed on the screen and how the result appear when we run it. However, you can not get to use the codes right on the site as the other sites offer but you can learn them and implement in your projects.

Topics The Code Player Offers – HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Others

#6 Code School

Code School can be described as an actual online school where you get classes to understand the topic and process. These classes are in the form of videos where every single detail about the topic is described. After watching the video you can start the challenges where you will have to write the codes for given topics. If you face any problem while writing the codes you can get help also to make the task easier for you. There is an option to download the slides of the video tutorial in the pdf format so that you can get access to the content whenever you want.

Topics Code School Offers – HTML/CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Android Development, Python, iOS development and so much more.

#7 W3schools

W3school is a very much renowned platform to learn web development. You do not need any signup process for accessing the contents. This is one of those sites that are completely free and where you can get a quality content and tutorials. The courses are divided into chapters and every chapter is explained with the help of examples. You can read, understand and then try the examples by yourself on the interactive window.

Topics W3schools Offers – HTML/CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, XML and many more

#8 SoloLearn

SoloLearn is a platform which needs a free sign up and then you choose your topic or subject. This site helps you learn coding through different levels of a simple quiz. These quizzes contain a small number of questions you will need to answer to get to the next level. If you love learning with fun this can be a place for you.

Topics SoloLearn Offers – C++, Java, Python, JavaScript, PHP, C#, Swift, Ruby, HTML/CSS, SQL and others.

#9 Programming Video Tutorials

Programming Video Tutorial is a site having so many topics to cover. All the topics are divided into a huge number of chapters due to which you touch all most every single section of it. These chapters are in the form of videos as it is clear with the name of the site. You also get a detailed written description of the videos and if you want you can buy the books also that can help you more.

Topics Programming Video Tutorials Offers – C++, C#, Java, SQL, ASP.NET, JavaScript, PHP, HTML/CSS, XML

#10 Beginners Book

The last but not the least one in our list is Beginners Book. This site offers a number of courses. Beginners Book can be the best place to learn to code for free if you are new to coding. All the topics are divided into different sections. The first section contains the details of the subject and the other a number of examples of it. The best part is that every example is also described in details so that you can understand every single step of it. The only thing that is a problem, in my opinion, is that you can not code by yourself right on the site. There isn’t an option to try yourself.

Topics Beginners Book Offers – C, C++, DBMS, Java, Perl and many more

These are the Top 10 sites where you can learn to code for free. There so many other sites also available for it but these are the ones who fulfil our criteria so they got the place here. If you also into learn to code for free you just need to pay a visit to these sites.


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