Must Download Apps for Android Smartphones in 2017

Hello readers!!! We all know and if you don’t then we will make you know that android has captured almost 88% of the Smartphone market single handedly and thousands of applications are being released on Google PlayStore on the daily basis. Most of you also would have an android device and to be precise most of you are reading us on the same right now. So this is the main topic of our discussion on this post. There are some applications for any android device which everyone needs. Yes, we accept the fact that every individual have their own need, but there are some basics which we all expect from our android device to do for us. In this article we will talk Must Download Apps for Android Smartphones in 2017 to fulfill these requirements.

Before we proceed we want you all to know that we are not going to talk about those Google apps which come pre-installed in most of the android Smartphone but the other alternatives of them. We will try to find out the best from the free android apps as we know that we all struggle the most when we want a free app that closely meets our expectations.

So, now we are going to proceed with The Must Download Apps for Android Smartphones.

Must Download Apps for Android Smartphones

#1 Antivirus and Security App – CM Security

Must Download Apps for Android Smartphones

The most important issue for any smartphone user is the privacy and security of their smartphone as it contains so many personal and sensitive information. CM Security is one of the most used and most trusted security apps on Google Play Store. That is why  this app is in first of my must download apps for android list. It not only works for the basic device scanning, SD card scanning and real time protection but along with these it provides VPN facility, Caller ID and blocking, Message security and others. It is having a great user interface and works really fast.

Price: Free/ in app purchases

Play Store Rating: 4.7 Stars

With these Ranking and great features it has made a space in our must have android apps list.

#2 Password Manager – LastPass Password

Must Download Apps for Android Smartphones

At this era when everything has became digital it’s not easy for one to remember every passwords and PINs and to keep them anywhere in written isn’t safe though. So, for this there is an app called LastPass. It is a powerful cross – platform vault which holds all your passwords of all your accounts and apps, sensitive details like Photos, credit and debit card and other details together with a password protection. Its protection includes multi – level authentication, fingerprint scan and some others which make it super secure so that you can trust it for all your security concerns. Its premium version which you can buy for $ 12 adds some other features like family password sharing, Priority support, removed adds and some other more secured features but the free version is also enough if you don’t want to spend.

Price: Free/$ 12

PlatStore Rating: 4.6 Stars

We couldn’t ignore its tremendous features and the ratings and come up with conclusion that it is one of the best security apps for android so far.

#3 Scanner – Document Scanner

Scanning of documents is also an important feature of a smartphone which we often need and a good scanner is one of the frequently searched Play Store app.  Document scanner developed by CV infotech has closely met our expectation so far when we compare it with the other scanners. If the basic work is concerned it has the features of scanner, PDF converter. Apart from these it also scans QR codes and Barcodes. WE can enhance the scanned documents, upload them on cloud storage, share them and can fax or print them directly from the app. It is a complete scanner which can scan almost everything we need to.

Price: Free/Up to $10.99

PlayStore Rating: 4.4 Stars

#4 Note Taking Apps – Evernote

Must Download Apps for Android Smartphones

Are you also one of them who always forget their schedule or some important stuff to do? If yes, then you must have to keep a Note – Taking app in your mobile. Note – taking apps are one of the important apps for android mobiles. Evernote is one of the most powerful note taking apps by having a lots of features and options. It has a great user interface, it is easy to understand and easy to use. It lets the user to keep their notes in the form of text, PDFs, Word documents, Photos and videos. It provides the camera capture facility. It helps you to get organize, you can create your checklist or to – do – list in Evernote. If you are found of writing then you can’t help it, your thoughts can strike in your mind any time anywhere, and at that time it can be your best companion to write them down.  One can easily share their notes with others directly through the app and as it has cross – platform support one can find their notes and other lists on any of their devices.

Price: Free/$34.99 per year/ $69.99 per year.

PlayStore Rating: 4.6 Stars

Although the premium version have some additional feature like cloud space but the free version is still more than enough.

#5 Music Player – Pulsar Music Player

Must Download Apps for Android Smartphones

Have you ever come to know about someone who doesn’t like music or never listen to it on their Smartphone? Now you know why our list of must have apps for android contains a music player app. Pulsar Music Player is a relatively new app but have some good features. It is having a material deign inspired user interface various themes. It comes with all the basic features as well as sleep timer, smart playlist including recent play, most played and newly added tracks. It also has the features of displaying lyrics, Gapless playback, Chromcast and scrobbing and many others.

Price: Free

PlayStore Rating: 4.6 Stars

#6 Video Player – MX Player

Must Download Apps for Android Smartphones

Video players are also as essential apps for android Smartphone as a Music Player. And in this category we have chosen the all time favorite Video player app MX Player.  It is also one of the most trusted Video Player since a long time. It supports almost all the formats which other similar apps do not support .It includes HW acceleration, Multi-core decoding, Subtitle and display gestures like pinch to zoom, zoom and pan .  It also have a Kids lock feature which comes with a plugin. It provides protection from the access of the kids on your video library.

Price: Free/$5.99

PlayStore Rating: 4.4 Stars

#7 Browser – Firefox

Must Download Apps for Android Smartphones

Every android device comes with a pre-install Chrome Browser which is Google’s official browser and works pretty good but if you are seeking some other interface then Mozilla Firefox is great for you.  It is fast and keeps your privacy on its priority, you can bookmark the most visited sites, it provides a feature of quick share, The intuitive tabs let you browse with multiple pages open, it has ad – ons to make your search experience more personalized. Cross – platform access is so easy with it. All in all it is a great alternative of Google Chrome and worth keeping in your mobile.

Price: Free

PlayStore Rating:  4.4 Stars

#8 Call Manager Apps – Truecaller

Must Download Apps for Android Smartphones

Every Smartphone user needs an app which can manage the calls for them. Truecaller is one of the best among all the call managers and call blockers. It is one of the most downloaded android app with over 100 million installs so far. It has a great user interface which make it easy to use. Having a huge data base of the numbers regardless of whether they are registered on Truecaller or not. It inspects all the calls of your device and provides the caller Id as well as tells you whether it could be a spam or not by searching on their spam data base. It gives you the power to block the calls from specific numbers outside your contact list as well as from your contact list. The plugins also provide the text message blocking and managing facilities and they always come up with some new features on their updates. It is one of those apps which any user have to install first when they buy a new android Smartphone.

Price: Free/ Rs. 60 per month

PlayStore Rating:  4.5 Stars

The professional subscription comes with a Rs. 60 per month charge which blocks all the adds but it is pretty well otherwise also as it doesn’t contains a lot of adds.

#9 Weather Apps – AccuWeather

Must Download Apps for Android Smartphones

Weather apps are another must have apps for any android device. It keeps you aware about the changes in weather around you and helps you to organize yourself according to that. Different weather apps give good results for different places, so we cannot simply tell that which one is perfect for your place. As we Examine some of these apps we found that Accuweather more accurate as compared to other similar apps. This well designed app provides almost all the information about the weather around you including extended forecasts, hourly forecasts. It is hyper localized to your GPS location to provide you a sharp and exact forecast. It provides the daily sunrise and sunset time information, next 5 days weather forecast along with continuously updating information for hourly forecasts and anything else you expect with a good Weather forecasting app.

Price: Free/$ 2.99

PlayStore Rating: 4.4 Stars

#10 Messaging App – Hike Messenger

Must Download Apps for Android Smartphones

Hike is one of my personal favorite among all the apps for android devices but it is just not the reason why I took it to this list. You have to read further to know the actual reason behind it. Although it comes in the messaging apps category and we haven’t listed this category here as we were talking about only the essential apps for android, Hike has made its place in our list because of its tremendous features and great user interface. It gives a great experience with chatting and messaging with the best stickers you can find, options to send large files and almost any format of documents, Offline chatting mode, video calling feature, Free SMS facility to send SMS to a non – hiker, setting beautiful fun themes for every conversation,  and a lot more. But hike is more than just messaging. It is a great offline sharing app with its hike direct features which gives you the facility to share any size of files with a nearby device without spending your data, A better news app by updating you with important news, you don’t need a separate app for cricket update as it does the work of that also, a beautiful photo editing app with magic selfie and live filters, A fun gaming app with a lots of personalized Hike games which are not just games but gives your brain a great exercise. A sort of fitness app which counts your steps while running and give you a chance to compete with your friends, A great call manager by identifying the caller Ids and inspects the messages as well, call and message blocking facility and that too does better than any other dedicated app for these, mobile wallet that gives you digital space to keep your money as well as provides facility for money sharing, recharges and payments, and many other things which you can explore only by installing it. What else can you expect with a free mobile app to do for you?

Price: Free

PlayStore Rating: 4.3 Stars

The developers are making it better with each update to make it everyone’s favorite.

So, this is the list of 10 Must Download Apps for Android Smartphones. If you think we have missed any app please notify us on the comment section. Keep in mind that we were talking about only the essentials and important apps which every single person needs to have in their Smartphone. You can send us your queries and feedbacks in the form of comments. On this note I am signing off to come again and will talk about different apps with details in our other posts, till then take care and stay tuned.

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