What Programming Language Should I Learn For Web Development

Web Development is a consistently growing industry with the increasing dependence of people on internet and technology. Web development is becoming an essential for every programmer and if you also want to dive into the world of web development you would definitely have this question in your mind “What Programming Language Should I Learn For Web Development”.

What Programming Language Should I Learn For Web Development

This is the first and foremost question that comes in mind if someone is willing to start web designing and its a fair thought as there are a number of programming languages and each and every language has its own advantages and disadvantages. It is difficult to decide from where to start. So, I have tried to sort out this dilemma of What programming language should I learn for web development with this post. I have gathered some most important and essential languages that every web developer need to know. We have divided these languages into Client Side and Server Side to make it easier to distinguish them.

Client Side Programming Languages


What programming language should I learn for web development

If you really want to be a front end web developer a good command on HTML and CSS can be the first step towards it. HTML is a markup language which helps you to structure your web page and CSS is responsible for the design. In short you can understand it as HTML creates what you want on your web pages and CSS defines how you want to display those elements written in HTML. Although learning HTML/CSS is considered as the first step towards the huge learning environment of web development, but that doesn’t means you can not do anything with the knowledge of these two. These languages are capable enough to build a simple website single handed.

Some Popular Online Space to Learn HTML/CSS

W3School HTML Tutorial

#2 JavaScript

What programming language should I learn for web development

After HTML & CSS JavaScript is again one of the main essentials for web development. You can make a simple websites with the former two but when it comes to make your web pages more interactive you need to use JavaScript. After the update of CSS in CSS3 it does have capabilities of creating some good effects but it far from JavaScript till now. With JavaScript you have the magic in your hands to make your website super responsive and interactive.

jQuery is considered as one of the most important libraries in JavaScript as it makes it faster and easier. It provides pre-written elements to make writing codes easier for you.

Some Popular Online Space to Learn JavaScript

Mozilla JavaScript Guide
JavaScript For Cats
Khan Academy

Server Side Programming Languages

#3 PHP

What programming language should I learn for web development

PHP is one of the most widely used server side language. It is very similar to C or Java in terms of scripting. This is the fundamental language that helps to create dynamic page contents and mostly do the work of sending and receiving cookies from the client side to server side. PHP is however mostly recognized for web development but it is also capable of creating desktop application. This makes it more essential for learning. PHP is used in creating some of the very popular websites like WordPress and Facebook. So, if you have a goal of creating WordPress themes then you must have a command in PHP.

Some Popular Online Space to Learn PHP

Official PHP Manual
Hacking With PHP
Killer PHP

#4 Python

What programming language should I learn for web development

Now we come to Python. It is called the beginner’s programming language not because it has less power in comparison to others but because of the easy to learn syntax. Programming with Python is always fun as it is very easy and fun to learn and write. This is an old and powerful programming language. Python is more popular for desktop application development rather than web development but it has some nice and interesting features for web developers too. Most of the programmers use it combining with JavaScript which helps it to execute on server side.

Some Popular Online Space to Learn Python

¬†Googl’s Python Class
Tutorials Point

#5 Ruby

What programming language should I learn for web development

As Python Ruby is also a very easy to learn language with a good support on all the popular platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac and others. It is rich in resources and powered by Ruby on Rails Development Framework. It makes Ruby more powerful. Ruby is recommended for learning as it is easy and powerful and have a good community support that is always available for help when you get stuck with a project. It is a little bit unique from other programming language but once you master it, it makes a powerful foundation for learning other languages.

Some Popular Online Space to Learn Ruby

CodeAcademy Learn Ruby
Roadmap for learning Rails
Try Ruby

#6 SQL

What programming language should I learn for web development

It is a matter of argument if SQL is a programming language or not but anyhow it is a fundamental for back end web development. SQL stands for Structured Query Language. If you are willing to develop websites it is important to learn SQL. It helps you to create and interact with the database of your website. Most of the data base engines support almost all the SQL queries so if you learn it you have the power on almost all the data base engines like PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle and others.

Some Popular Online Space to Learn SQL

W3School SQL Tutorial
CodeAcademy Learn SQL
Khan Academy Intro to SQL

These are a few languages that are important for web development that a programmer can choose while starting web development. I hope I have been successful to answer your question of “What programming language should I learn for web development” with this post. These all language are very powerful and and easy to learn. As I have said earlier each programming languages have their own benefits and limitations. A programmer can decide which one is to use by their preferences but we have listed these few languages that are almost fundamental for web development and every programmer needs to have a command on it.


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