9 Reasons to Become a Mobile App Developer

Programming is getting into the hottest career options as the world is moving towards digitalization and technology. Smartphone have made our life easier in this era and the increasing dependence of people on their smartphones is taking mobile app development on the top of the other career options in programming.

There are so many benefits of being a mobile app developer and in this article we are going to consider 9 Reasons to become a Mobile App developer which tops the list.

9 Reasons to Become a Mobile App Developer

So, let’s see some of the benefits of mobile application development

#1 Platform to Use Your Creativity and Skills


If you are a programmer and working without including your creativity, would it satisfy you? For me the answer is no. In web development or designing any other software there is not so much scope to use your creativity as they are somehow restrict you to the platforms and browsers. Mobile app development is a field where you can use your creativity at its best. It is the best way to utilize your ideas and skills without any restriction.

#2 A Huge Market and Demand of App Developer

huge app market

In this era of digitalization more than half of the world population own Smartphone and the figure is growing day by day. With the increasing users the market and economy of app development is also increasing with each passing day. The revenue of the apps market is estimated around $78 billion in 2017 with more than 250 billion app downloads worldwide. The research says that it can increase over 2 times in few years. The growing app market implies growing demands of app developers as well. This makes mobile app development one of the hottest career options for the coders.

#3 New advertising Formula for Big Business Houses

big business

The corporate houses are seeing new scopes of advertizing their business and products in the app market. By seeing the advantages of mobile app for business, almost every commercial company is trying to make their apps to reach their end consumers easily and effectively. The demand of apps in business creates a huge demand of app developers in these big business houses. If you are a coder and can do great with app development then this can take you in the offices of big business names.

Doesn’t matter if you are working solo or with any company or working to start your own mobile app development company the increasing market makes the way for good income. If you want to know more earning options for programmers you can find our previous post about “how programmers can earn extra income”.

#4 Work Anytime Anywhere

work from anywhere

This option is for the programmers who are working on their own. If you are a freelancer or are on the way of your startup then you have the luxury to choose where you want to work, when you want to work and on what project you want to work. You don’t need to work with any time and place restrictions. App development lets you explore your hobbies and gives you your “me time” along with your work. You only need your laptop and internet connection and then you can work at your home, your office, at a coffee shop, on the beach or anyplace. That’s how you spend your time on your hobbies without any loss in your work. You have the option to choose your commitments. Being your own boss is the best feeling and an ultimate goal for most of the coders as far as I know.

If you are working with any corporate firm though you can talk to your employer as there is no need for a coder to sit in the office and work on a time restricted manner as other people do but it completely depends upon your employer if they agree to give you the permission to work in your own style or not.

#5 Scope of Constant Learning

constant learning

Programming is an area which is growing and developing with each passing day adding new things for the people working in this field. App development or programming is a field in which you have something new to learn every day. This is a job which takes a constant learning attitude and never lets you settle down with your existing skills. The mobile app development adds the scope as you are more aware with the works of your competitors and this always motivates you to do better which ultimately leads you to the ways of learning new things.

#6 Way to Get Recognition and Ease to Improvement


When your app gets to the app stores of different OS platforms the best thing is that you can watch your product’s progress. The increasing number of download, users rating gives the sense of satisfaction with your work. The direct feedback helps you interact of with the users of your app.

The rating and downloads make you know if your app is doing well or there is anything wrong and the feedbacks give you the hints that where you need to improve yourself. Your replies to the user reviews help building trust between you and your end consumers. Finding errors & flaws and knowing what your consumers really need is easy as the users themselves point out these via there reviews. This is how you can update and add the expectations of the users in your app more efficiently.

#7 You Get to Create App You want For Yourself

do what you love

Remember that app you were searching for and even downloaded so many application on your mobile but got disappointed because not a single one was able to meet your requirements? The game which is in your imagination and you wish to play that on your smartphone but you can’t because nothing is there on the play store which is similar to that you imagine. If you are an app developer you have the chance to get them by creating one on your own.

When you work for your requirement you give your best onto that and the result can emerge to be your masterpiece and these apps can lead you to the way of success.

#8 Not so Difficult To Learn

If you have an interest in development and some experience in programming, it is not going to be so difficult for you to learn mobile app development. There are so many languages to use to create an app in which Java is on the top of the list. Kotlin is another emerging language for android app development and have its own benefits to use for creating apps. You can get to know more about Why to use Kotlin in android app development in our post “why to use Kotlin in android app development”.

If you are a beginner in programming and wondering for the genuine online stuffs to learn coding and polish your skills then you can follow Simplified Coding, where you can find everything you need while learning programming, including tutorials.

#9 You can be a Coach

teach coding

Or a blogger (like me) or anything which includes your developer’s skills. If you are a developer you can choose to teach people who want to learn how to become an app developer and want to develop app on there own.

This is another benefit of being a mobile app developer which gives a good income, helps you improve and polish your skills as well as gives a sense of satisfaction. You can do it offline as well as online as we do on our different websites. Some of them are Simplified Coding, Simplified iOS, Simplified Python. We also have a youtube channel where we post about app development you can subscribe to our channel from here.

These are some benefits of mobile app development. Programming and especially Mobile App Development is a career which gives you satisfaction, pride, recognition and a good income at the same time. There are more perks of picking mobile application development as a career than we have listed in the article. These benefits can be experienced while working in this world.

That’s all for this post. Write us your feedback in the comment section as I always say we love to know your views.


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