Reliance Jio 4g Feature Phone Launch – India Ka Smartphone

Reliance Never fails to surprise us with it’s out of the box offers and ideas. After the huge success of Reliance Jio 4g in all over India by gaining more than 100 million subscribers in just 6 months from the launch in September, 2016, the man in power Mr. Mukesh Ambani is all set to target the feature phone users in India which is over 400 million approx with Reliance Jio 4g Feature Phone Launch. India is still a great market for feature phones as the share of features phones over smartphones is over 50% here.

To add an another milestone to Jio 4g, in the 40th Annual General Meeting of the company on Friday, Reliance Industries announced to launch their feature phone. They have named it “Jiophone” with the tag “India ka Smartphone”. As we all know they can’t do anything without any surprise element so, the surprise in this feature phone is that it will have 4g VoLTE support and the most interesting thing is that it is coming with an “effective price of Rs. 0”. Yes! You read it right; it is completely free for three years .The customers will have to pay a security deposit of Rs. 1500 at the time of pre – booking which is completely refundable after three years on the return of the phone. The phone will be available for trial in beta version from 15th of August and the pre-booking will be started from 24th of August. The customers can get the phone after pre-booking in September in the first come first serve manner.

Some Glimpses from the Announcement Ceremony of Reliance Jio 4g Feature Phone Launch

In the Reliance AGM the chairman of Reliance Industries Mr. Mukesh Ambani pointed out that among 78 Crore mobile phone users in India, there are more than 50 crore feature phone users. As reliance Jio was supported only in 4g LTE supported Smartphone till now, these 50 crore users were left out from the service as they could afford neither these expensive Smartphone nor the exorbitant cost of data. With JioPhone Reliance is going to end this unfairness. In the context of digital India moment to accomplish the target to add whole India with the digital platform they are focusing on the three pillars-connectivity, data affordability and device affordability. In which they have met the first two pillars with Jio 4g networks, and by this feature phone they are heading towards the third one, the device affordability.

He added, by watching the rapid growth of Jio Network, we can assume that, in the next 12 months Jio 4g network will cover 99% of population of India with the release of JioPhone.

Features of JioPhone

The twins of Mukesh Ambani, Akash and Isha Ambani introduced JioPhone with these some features-

  • The looks and design is familiar, to ensure the easiness of use.
  • It has all the facilities of a feature phone along with a new facility of voice command.
  • JioPhone will have a 2.4 QVGA screen.
  • It will be lass with the NFC support to allow tap and pay solutions & will support Debit & Credit card and UPI payment like Samsung Pay and Apple Pay.
  • It will have SD card support to expand memory.
  • It will support 22 languages.
  • Long – press 5 will send a distress message to the selected contacts.
  • JioPhone will come with a number of apps and browsers along with Jio apps.
  • The glimps of PM Modi’s Mann Ki Baat at reliance AGM gives the assumption that the Namo app will come pre-loaded with it as the announcement declares, user can listen Mann Ki Baat on JioPhone.

Offers Added to JioPhone

JioPhone is going to be released with some exclusive data offers.

  • The first offer is of Rs. 153/month. In this pack user will get voice & SMS and unlimited data along with all the Jio app services.
  • The other pack of Rs. 309, offers all the facilities listed above with the addition of mirroring your phone screen on TV. Users can connect their phone screen even into CRT TVs via cable.
  • Beside these for those who don’t want to avail these packs there are two other offers; At Rs. 24 for two days and Rs. 54 per week

Contribution of Reliance Jio on The Indian Digital Market

  • Jio has achieved the milestone by adding approx seven customers/second/day which added up to over 100 million Jio users within 6 months.
  • Jio has been ranked top on speed test portal which leads to the company claiming, because of Jio networks 4g coverage in India will come over the 2g in a very short span of time.
  • After Jio came into the light the trend of voice and video call in India got the range of 250 crore minutes every day.
  • The overall data consumption in India is rising constantly and has already crosses US and China in the category.
  • Ambani claimed that India is expected to soon become the leader in broadband consumption.

We have seen how gracefully Reliance Jio network has captured the whole Indian digital market, no wonder if JioPhone is going to do the same in the Indian market of Feature Phones.

Let’s see how this new Reliance surprise works by the time and wait for the other excitements from the futures reliance AGMs. Till then keep visiting Simplified Techy to get the latest from the technology world.  

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