Rooting Android Phone : Advantages and Disadvantages

To root or not to root that is the question and the truth is no one can answer it. I found there is a huge confusion about, if rooting android phone is good or bad. Rooting definitely gives you all the power on your phone but is there any risk also? We will discuss it later in the post.

When we talk about the advantages and disadvantages of rooting your mobile the first and most important thing is to understand what Rooting actually is?

What Does It Means by Rooting Android Phone

In very simple words we are only the users of our android devices that means we can use them only as they are provided to us. We can not change or add anything in terms of working and functioning in our android device. If we want to use them with full efficiency and want to have all the power on it we need to root them.

Basically Rooting Android Phone is a method which gives you full access to your devices operating system and lets you make changes on the root level.

Rooting was a very popular term a few years back when the android phones where highly incapable. They had a lot of bloatware and useless system apps that do nothing but suck your phones battery, CPU and data all day. Rooting was the only solution of all these problems. With a rooted mobile phone user have the permissions to delete these apps from their device and doing so many other things we will be discussing later.

Now, we have better phones and most of these problems are not that big so what’s the significance of rooting android phones in today’s context.

Significance or Benefits of Rooting Android Phone

There are a lot of reasons which will make you drool over rooting your phone and some of them are right in front of you

Getting Custom ROM

If you are not so happy with the current software of your phone this can be an option for you. Getting a custom ROM means getting a new software or getting a new phone to be precise, in terms of working. Only rooting your phone can give you this luxury.

Get Rid of Bloatware and Crapware

The new generation androids are not that full with pre-installed Bloatware or Crapware but they do exist and we can not get rid of them if we don’t root our phone. Rooting your android is the only way to uninstall these unwanted apps and make your processor and memory free for other important apps.

Underclocking  and Overclocking

Underclocking and Overclocking simply means how you want to use your device’s processor. If you overclock it the speed will be increased and your device will run seamlessly, and if you underclock it the processor will be slowed down but it will increase your device’s battery life. But you can only get this facility if your device is rooted.

A Complete Backup to Your Device

Remember when you where trying to backup your data so that you can format your phone, you weren’t able to get a full backup of your phone. An unrooted android only provides backup of phone contacts, call logs and SMS backup. We use an external storage for other data and there is almost no option for backing up the apps and app data. Rooting android phone gives you the option of backing up all most everything of your device.

No Forced Pop-Ups and Ads

The most irritating part of using android mobiles is the ads and pop-ups. These appear in about most of the apps and games running in our phones. By rooting android phone you can get rid of these regardless of whether those apps are free of cost or are paid apps.

More Apps Available For You

So, we all know there are so many apps that are not compatible with some specific devices. If there is one which you like to have in your phone but you can’t due to the compatibility issue, rooting android phone can be the option. Rooting your phone gives you the luxury of running the incompatible apps in your device without getting any issue.

The other benefit is that you can use those useful apps also that run only on rooted devices. We want these apps for rooted phones badly because no other apps are more capable of doing those tasks efficiently.

So, There arise a question that if there are so many benefits of rooting android phone then why the manufacturers restrict you from doing so. The answer is that more power comes on the cost of more risks. There are as many disadvantages of rooting android phone as the advantages. Have a look on them too

Disadvantages of Rooting Android Phone

The Warranty Over Your Phone Voids

The first disadvantage, no manufacturer will want you to alter the device they have manufactured. If you root your device you won’t be able to claim your device’s warranty. So, if your android device is in the warranty period and you want to root it I recommend wait till the warranty expires.

You Can End Up With A Bricked Phone

I don’t want to sound scary but if you own a rooted device, you need to be more responsible while working on it. A simple missoperation and you will end up with your phone get bricked. This can happen when you are rooting your android and skip any step or go wrong in any single step. If you don’t do anything wrong successfully root your device even then this risk exists. After rooting your phone won’t be that secure as it was before so any kind of download or installation or opening file from an inauthentic space can generate issues that can reach up to inactive device.

Your Phone Might Catch Security Risks

As I mentioned above a rooted phone gets highly sensitive in terms of security. Rooting android phone makes it empty with the security features and catching up unwanted issues can be more easy.

Update Issues

Now, the other bigger issue with rooted android devices. You will be unable to get the new software and system updates. There are a few manual options to get them but remember the security issue. There won’t be any guarantee if you use those methods to update your device won’t harm it.

In some cases rooting android phone do not block them from updating but then the issue is that, it is more likely to lose root access if you update your device. You will get new system update and along with that you will get your old unrooted phone.

You Might Lose Some Services

There are a lot of services we get with our phones. Whether they are e – commerce, internet banking or other similar ones. We have observed some issues with these services on rooted phones. Some bank’s internet banking support stop working with these devices. It is more likely to happen with some other similar services.

So, now at the end of the post I will only say do whatever your instinct say about  rooting android phone. If you thing you can get the best out of your phone by rooting it and you can use it with responsibility then go for it. There are so many android root apps available to help you with it.

Whether you are going to root it or not, enjoy using your android so that I can come up with a lot of more ideas for my articles. If you have any query regarding this topic, please let me know in the comment section below.


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