10 of the Smartest Small Kitchens Hacks We have ever seen

The world is growing day by day and society is becoming urban. As urban areas are becoming more populated therefore living space for people is less. Houses in urban areas are small and these small houses have small kitchens but still, people do some tricks and cool things to make their small kitchens more spacious and more attractive than the large spaced kitchen.

Many smart things make kitchens smart like Rotimatic Roti maker and many other machines. So some tricks and tips are discussed below with amazing kitchens which we have seen in the homes.

Some of the small smart kitchens and tips to make small kitchens smart are discussed below

A place not to Cook only but to

Kitchens are not only space where you cook food only but it is the place where you want to eat food. Due to the small spaced kitchen, you have to say goodbye to the dream of eating food in the kitchen. But now there is a trick to solve this problem.

You can hang a fold-down table or a shelf on an empty wall and you have an instant table, whenever you want and after use, you can fold down the table. By using this table you have a tiny table for eating and free space when you fold the table.

Kitchen with magnetic racks for refrigerator

The problem of space can be solved with help magnetic racks. These racks make the kitchen more spacious and attractive. The backside of these racks is magnetic which is easily attracted toward the metallic surface.

So these racks can be hung on the sides and door of the refrigerator, as sides and doors of refrigerator are of metal. Moreover, these racks have further extensions that contain some hooks that can be used for hanging kitchen towels. Some other benefits of magnetic racks are mentioned below

  • These racks can withstand a good amount of load, so you can put glass jars in these racks.
  • The backside of these racks does not damage the surface on which these are hanged.
  • These racks help in making the kitchen more spacious and attractive.

Kitchen with Roti making machine

Some kitchens are so small that there is less space to make roti with the traditional method of roti making. Moreover, many people are afraid of making roti. This problem can be solved by using a Rotimatic machine that makes chapatis without using the traditional method. In a machine it is very easy to make chapatis and space consumed by this machine is also very small therefore, it can be easily used in small spaced kitchens. While checking some of the latest Rotimatic reviews we have discovered many points about this automatic Roti Maker. Some of the main points of those reviews are mentioned below

  • This machine is very handy and easy to use.
  • This machine works on electricity therefore it is eco-friendly.
  • With this machine, chapatis can be prepared in very less time as compared to the traditional method of roti making.
  • It releases the burden of roti making.

Borrowed space

You are not stuck with the limited square footage of your kitchen, this means you can borrow some space from the rest of the apartment. Sometimes you have an open small kitchen, then you can use the wall of the apartment adjacent to the kitchen. You can place a movable cabin with a shelf on it near this wall and cabin can be used for storing things in the kitchen and shelf above the cabin be used for the work of the kitchen. Some of the other benefits of this are mentioned below

  • This increases the space of the kitchen.
  • The things which are spread in the kitchen can be stored in the cabin placed in borrowed space.
  • As the cabin is movable, you can move this cabin whenever you need to do so.

Use magnetic strips in the kitchen

These strips have adhesive material on one side and magnet surface on the other side. With the help of adhesive material it can be easily attached on any surface and the magnetic surface can hold metallic things. Knives, spoons and some other small metallic equipment can be attached on this strip which is commonly misplaced in the kitchen itself or covers space on shelves of the kitchen.

Use space above the cabins

Most of the time, the space above the hanged cabins is vacant. You can use this space for storing things like utensils that are rarely used in the kitchen but cover shelves of the kitchen unnecessarily. Moreover, these utensils are separated from those utensils that are in regular use. This tip helps a lot in making space in your small kitchen.

Install pegboard

In the kitchen mainly one or two walls are vacant, so you can install pegboards on these walls instead of regular cabins. The pegboard is the board with equally spaced holes, these holes can be used to accept pegs and hooks to support various items. You can hang utensils with these hooks that are provided on pegboard. Moreover, the pegboard is very flexible and can be removed at any time because it is simply with small nails and hammer. 

Use space below the kitchen sink

The space below the kitchen is mainly vacant, you can use this space by placing movable racks in this place. In these racks, you can store the cleaning equipment of a kitchen. This tip helps in extending the space of the kitchen as the cleaning equipment covers any other space in the kitchen, now that place is free for others after using this trick.

A hot tip

You can increase the space of the kitchen by putting a cutting board or marble cheese board over the burners and you have got more workspace than ever before.

Packed but not cluttered

The small kitchen has all the knives, pots, and bottles of booze that a larger kitchen could have. And thanks to a magnetic knife strip, hanging pot rack and shelves that all spaced well mannered making small kitchen spacious and well organized.

So space does not matter, a small kitchen can also be spacious by using small tricks, tips, and some small things. Use the above-mentioned points to make the kitchen more spacious and smart.

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