Top 10 PHP Sites : Most Popular Websites Based On PHP

PHP is the programming language that is most used by the web developers all around the globe. If we go through the states we can easily find that it is not only the most used programming language but no other language is near to beat it. If you are wondering how efficient PHP is then you need to go through some of the websites written on it. This list of “Top 10 PHP Sites” gives a sneak view on the huge world of websites developed using this language. You can know about the other fundamental languages for Web Development here.

Top 10 PHP Sites

Although there is no limited number of websites that are backed with PHP programming language and are really popular and considered as most visited websites, we can not include a lot of them here. So, we have gathered those Top 10 PHP Sites that are well known and most popular one around the world.

#1 WordPress

top 10 PHP sites

WordPress is the heaven of bloggers. Simplifiedtechy is also powered by WordPress and this is the selfish reason for me to give it the number one place on the top 10 PHP site list. It is a website that provides free platform to the bloggers to create their blog and run them very efficiently with the easy to use features. This content management website is written with PHP. This site is developed by some great skilled programmers and can be the best example of using PHP with all its efficiency.

#2 Facebook

top 10 PHP sites

Facebook is the most popular and rapidly growing social media website. Facebook leads this field with more than 2 billion active users right now. The users count is increasing with each passing day and no wonder if it gets multiple with a little time span. This website is developed using PHP and Hack programming language. PHP alone was unable to fulfill all the requirements of Facebook so they later adapted an own custom version of PHP that is known as HVVM. HVVM is a virtual machine that serves as an execution engine for PHP and Hack programming language.

#3 Wikipedia

top 10 PHP sites

No need to mention, Wikipedia is also called the biggest encyclopedia present on the internet. Wikipedia is a knowledge website that has almost all the answers of our each and every question. It has the richest database and content on the internet. This site was started in January 2001 since than it has been the most reliable online source of knowledge. It has a number of awards and acknowledgements  in the knowledge and information sharing field. This website is also made using PHP programming language.

#4 Tumblr

top 10 PHP sites

Tumblr is one of the most popular micro blogging and social media websites based on PHP programming language. By its popularity among people it has marked its place in top 10 PHP websites. It is considered in the top 100 most visited websites. People love Tumblr because this provides a space to share their ideas in the form of written texts, videos, images and other mediums. We can be thankful to PHP programming language for giving us this beautiful site.

#5 Baidu

top 10 PHP sites

Baidu is a search engine widely used in china. It was founded in China, in January 2000. It was initially a search service provided to Chinese portals but when it wasn’t getting profits they started it as an independent search engine. It is a consistent and continually updated search engine that is on the path of continuous betterment of itself. This popular and rich in functionality search engine is also written in PHP. The language will sure be proud of this second most used search engine.

#6 Yahoo

top 10 PHP sites

Here comes another popular search engine and web portal, written in PHP programming language, Yahoo. Yahoo is serving its users since March, 1995 and comes in worlds top 5 search engines. Development of these popular search engines using PHP is a proof that PHP is one of the most trustworthy and reliable language to develop strong, large and complex websites with heavy functionality.

#7 Flickr

top 10 PHP sites

The next website that makes its space in top 10 PHP sites is Flickr. Flickr is a website written in PHP and work as a photo sharing platform and a kind of social media website. It is a Yahoo product started in February 2002. It is a website where people can share their photos with their friends and followers. It also provides a space to communicate with your friend with text massaging. It is a feature rich website that provides facilities of organizing your shared photos in different categories and have so many privacy options.

#8 MailChimp

top 10 PHP sites

MailChimp is not a less known name on the internet world. It is the most widely used Email marketing solution with million of users all around the world. MailChimp is again a website proudly written with PHP. This site is mostly used as business mailer so that the business houses can communicate with clients and promote their business. It is one of the most trustworthy bulk mailing site because of its great deliverability, privacy and easy to use & easy to understand user interface. It is known for its ability of better organisation of emails and it is compatible with different platforms and devices.

#9 Digg

top 10 PHP sites

Another social networking site based on PHP is Digg but is very different to others. This site is a heaven of sharing news and blogs. People on Digg share interesting news, blogs and other links. The story or news which gets more and more likes reach on the top and gets a place in top news and top stories. It has a better organizing system that has options for all the news according their categories like business, technology and others. After launch in 2004 Digg got into top 100 most visited websites but after redesign in 2010 it declined in terms of popularity.

#10 iStockPhoto

top 10 PHP sites

iStockphoto is the leading website which provides royalty free photos. It not only provides royalty free images but users can get Victorian illustrations, illustration 3D, flash, audio and video files. If we talk about the number of files we can find here, it is as huge as over 4 million. iStock photos is mostly used by students, bloggers, business people and other for their project and presentation works.This largest stock photo website is also written in PHP programming language.

This is a very small list of websites backed with PHP that have been on the top list of popular websites. If we dig deep we can find almost every website uses PHP less or more. If you know some other popular websites that are worth listing in top 10 PHP websites, don’t hesitate sharing them in the comment section.


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