Top Kodi Add-Ons & Their Paths To Make Installation Easy

The most popular Media player Kodi can now be easily installed and run on android devices but the bad thing is that the latest versions of Kodi do not contain any content. So how can we stream our favorite means of entertainment with Kodi? The answer is Add-Ons. Kodi supports so many third party add-ons that helps us streaming audio and video media but when it comes to install them again we find it difficult because we need to provide the path of it in the Kodi app and finding the path is not an easy task. So, here in this post we are providing Top Kodi Add-Ons Path.

Top Kodi Add-Ons Path To Make Installation Easy

#1 BoB Unleashed

BOB Unleashed is the new update to BOB Unrestricted by Noobs and Nerds Repository. It has a huge range of contents with different categories as Movies, TV Shows, Sports, Kid Shows and what not.

Name : Noobs and Nerds Repository

#2 Covenant

Covenant is one of the most recent and most trusted add-ons for Kodi. We can take it as the replacement of Exodus which is now not updated so if we need something as worthy as it was then the option is covenant.

Name : Covenant

#3 UK Turk’s Playlists

UK Turk’s is a great add-on for Kodi which is always up-to-date and has a huge list of categries.

Name : Turk Repo


#4 The Pyramid

The Pyramid is one of the oldest add-ons of Kodi and is always up-to-date.

Name : Ares Wizard

#5 Elysium

It is very similar to exodus is appearance and offers movies and TV Shows. It is none other than the popular Zen add-on, renamed and updated.

Name: Noobs and Nerds (NaN Repo)


Bennu is the new name of very famous add-on Phoenix.

Name : Ares Wizard

#7 Titanium

Titanium is an one for all add-on which includes tons of contents as well as the features we want in other different Kodi Add-ons.

Name : Infadroid

#8 Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider is one of the oldest Kodi Add-ons and it is always updated for better features and better support for all Kodi update.

Name : TombRaider

So these were the Top 8 Kodi Add-ons with their name and URL paths. Hope you will find this post helpful. The process of installing and using all these add-ons is very similar so you won’t find any difficulty installing and using them.

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