Top Lightweight Browsers : Top 7 You Need To Try

We are living in the world which cannot run even a day without internet. For the internet, we first need a good browser that can fulfil all our online requirements. Almost each and every one of us uses the big giants in the world of browsers that are Chrome at first, Mozilla Firefox, Edge, Safari and very few of others. The reason these browsers are the most popular one is their features. But with more good features and qualities they come with a few of the problems also. The first and foremost problem is the memory and resource consumption by these browsers. They need more resources and sometimes it affects the functionality of the system. For this very reason, we need to use some lightweight browsers. Here is a list of top lightweight browsers we must give a chance.

top lightweight browsers

Top Lightweight Browsers

#1 Vivaldi

top lightweight browsers

Vivaldi is a Chromium-based web browser. It is developed by the founder of Opera and is one of the oldest browsers working. With all its features and quality it can be one of the top lightweight browsers that are able to become alternative to the popular web browsers.

Advantages of Vivaldi

  • The first and foremost advantage of using it over other lightweight browsers is that it supports all the Google Chrome extensions.
  • It is faster than most of the others.
  • It consumes memory less than most of the popular browsers. This makes it flawless while using it and doesn’t slow down your system as well.
  • It has a Web Panel Function where the user can pin web pages to go through it later.
  • It supports address bar autofill to make it easy searching for the web pages you have visited earlier.
  • Highly CUstomisable. One can change it completely according to their likes and comfort. You can change the place of the toolbar and the controls also can be changed.

Disadvantages of Vivaldi

  • You can not sync your browser settings on all your devices.
  • Your bookmarks from other browsers cannot be exported.

#2 Comodo Dragon

top lightweight browsers

Comodo Dragon can be the best substitute for our common browsers. It is fast, reliable and secure. If you love Google Chrome but hate how much memory it consumes you need to use Comodo Dragon. They use Chromium open source project that makes the experience, very similar to Google Chrome.

Advantages of Comodo Dragon

  • Similar experience as Google Chrome with less consumption of memory and other resources.
  • Extremely secure with the additional security mechanism.
  • You don’t need to worry about the privacy as it doesn’t track its users and does not compromise your privacy, as most of the big names in the industry do.
  •  Fully compatible with Firefox-PlugIns.
  • Sites and pages that can’t be open on Google Chrome, can open with Comodo Dragon.

Disadvantages of Comodo Dragon

There are no big issues with this browser but for the lower versions of Windows, it freezes and crashes a few of the times. However, this isn’t a problem with the higher versions than Windows 7.

Download Comodo Dragon Here

#3 Lynx

top lightweight browsers

Lynx is one of the most popular text-based web browsers. If you are not very familiar with the text-only browsers let me tell you these are the browsers which render only texts. That means they do not support pictures, videos and any kind of graphics.

Advantages of Lynx

  • Being a text-only browser makes it in top lightweight browsers. As it does not load images and graphics it works smoothly and the web pages load faster even with a slow internet connection.
  • It works with very fewer resources. It does not need a huge space in the memory or on the CPU to run.
  • As it only loads raw HTML, it saves a load of data.
  • If you are wondering how to navigate in it, It has some pre-defined hotkeys that do all the work.
  • If you are pissed off of the ads showing all the time, Lynx is there for you. It doesn’t show ads and any other distracting graphics.
  • With a simple design, it is very easy to use.
  • To make it more user-friendly the hotkeys used for navigation are displayed at the bottom of the page. So, you do not need to learn all of them.

Disadvantages of Lynx

  • Being a text-only browser is not its pro but the same is its only con.
  • In today’s era where most of the websites are based on graphical contents, Lynx is not significant for using these websites.
  • Most of the social media or content sharing sites as Facebook and Instagram do not support Lynx.
  • Some websites which support Lynx also not able to give the same experience as they do with the browsers that use GUI.

#4 Maxthon Browser

top lightweight browsers

Maxthon is a free lightweight web browser developed in China. When using Maxthon you do not need to worry about the OS compatibility. It is supported on most of the popular Operating Systems such as Windows, MAC, Linux, Android, iOS and others.

Advantages of Maxthon Browser

  • Maxthon is a lightweight and fast browser that optimizes your PC’s resources and does not let it slow down.
  • It runs faster even on a slow internet connection making it better for downloading and internet surfing.
  • Maxthon browser has almost all the features you that are provided in the popular browsers like firefox and chrome.
  • Its own exclusive tools and supported extensions make it different from others.
  • It uses a minimal amount of your PC’s resources like RAM and CPU.
  • If you hate ads showing here and there on the sites you open, Maxthon can be the best option for you. It only shows the genuine ads and does not let them interrupt your sessions with the sites.
  • The best thing about Maxthon is that you can open those sites also which you can’t on Chrome or other browsers.
  • One can easily sync the browser settings on all their devices.

Disadvantages of Maxthon Browser

  • The only disadvantage of Maxthon browser is that it does not have that many extensions as the others in the world of browsers.

Download Maxthon Browser Here

#5 Opera

top lightweight browsers

Opera is again a free web browser that fulfils all the criteria to be one of the top lightweight browsers.

Advantages of Opera

  • It consumes a very small amount of memory and other resources of your system.
  • Highly secure. It is less targeted by security threats not because it has a small user base but the security system is difficult and take time to crack. As it is not one of those very popular browsers hackers avoid spending time on it.
  • The user interface is great and easy to understand.
  • If you love internet surfing and want a fast and flawless session you need to try Opera Web Browser. It runs at a great speed even with the slow internet.
  • Downloading is very fast on Opera web browser.
  • It supports most of the extensions of Google Chrome and Firefox web browser.
  • It has an inbuilt Torrent program so you do not need to download it externally.

Disadvantages of Opera

  • There is a problem people face while using Opera is that not all the web pages are compatible with it. Sometimes it does not read a webpage which is poorly coded.

Download Opera Here

#6 Mozilla SeaMonkey

top lightweight browsers

Mozilla SeaMonkey is not only a browser but a fully fledged internet suit. It offers internet surfing, with the combination of e-mail client service, HTML editor and much more. All these features of it make it one of the top lightweight browsers.

Advantages of Mozilla SeaMonkey

  • It is best for the people who are always concerned about the privacy threats.
  • The full internet suit makes it more than only a browser.
  • It is a combination of browser, built-in chat, HTML editor, e-mail and news clients all in one place.
  • The e-mail service of it is also great and have some awesome features to make it user-friendly.
  • It is fast and flawless.
  • SeaMonkey offers so many tools and add-ons to make it more compatible with your browsing criteria.

Disadvantages of Mozilla SeaMonkey

  • The first problem is there with the ease of use.
  • It isn’t as secure when it comes to loading web pages.
  • Many of the Firefox add-ons are not compatible with it.
  • There is a load of extensions available but not all of them work.
  • It lacks so many important features which others provide.

Download Mozilla SeaMonkey Here

#7 Lunascape

top lightweight browsers

There are times when you can’t settle for only one browser. For example, We all face some issues a few of the time opening web pages. Some pages open perfectly on one but not on the other browsers and this is the time when we need to switch the browser. Lunascape is the one which saves our time and works on it.

Advantages of Lunascape

  • Lunascape is not a regular browser. It is a triple engine browser that combines three of the most popular engines at one place. These are Trident (Internet Explorer), Gecko(Mozilla Firefox), Webkit (Safari and formerly Chrome).
  • It renders these three engines perfectly and makes it super easy to switch between them.
  • Fast, Very fast processing! It is another highlight of Lunascape after its triple engine facility.
  • It is available for different Operating Systems like Windows, MACOS, Android and iOS.

Disadvantages of Lunascape

  • It isn’t supported on Linux
  • In comparison to others, it acquires more memory and CPU because of its triple engine facility.
  • Initiation of Lunascape is a bit slow.

Download Lunascape Here

These are the 7 top lightweight browsers that we have selected for our list. One can use one or all of these if they want a flawless experience of internet surfing without having to worry about the data uses, slow internet or systems efficiency. If you think we have forgotten any browser that could make it into our list please let us know in the comment section.

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