10 Top Rated Free Cloud Storages To Secure Your Files

Have it ever happened to you that you lost any important file or folder from your phone all of a sudden. Well, I have went through this when I had to delete a single file and I accidentally deleted whole folder that consisted that file but thanks to the cloud storage I was able to easily recover it.  Everyone needs a good Cloud file storage on there devices. These services not only ensure your files to be safe but they also help to save the space of our devices. But how to know if the service you are using is good and efficient enough? Considering this confusion we have come up with this post in which we have listed “10 Top Rated Free Cloud Storage” to ensure your files security.

Keep in mind that you can’t actually find any good cloud storage service which is completely free and these listed services are also not entirely free but they provide a good storage and features in their free versions also so, most probably you won’t have to buy their pro version as the free one will be enough in most of the cases.

10 Top Rated Free Cloud Storage

#1 Dropbox

Price: Free/$9.99 per month/$99 per year/Other options

top rated free cloud storage

Dropbox is one of the most efficient and easiest cloud backup service we have found. This app looks simple but works great.
You get a free 2GB storage for free ones you sign in and if you want to get more but don’t want to switch on the paid or pro version you can get it by inviting people, sharing on social media and with some other tasks.
The best part is that it syncs with different devices and always provide the latest version of files you have saved.
Dropbox saves all the removed files for 30 days before final deletion. So, if you accidentally click on the delete button you don’t have to worry much.
The files saved in Dropbox can be easily shared with your loved ones.

Download Link : DropBox

#2 Microsoft OneDrive

Price: Free/$1.99-$9.99 per month/other options

top rated free cloud storage

Microsoft’s OneDrive is one of the most popular Cloud Storage service that gives 15GB storage for free and one can earn more by inviting people to use it and by syncing it in with their phones camera so that it can save the pictures automatically.
The closed collaboration with Microsoft Office makes it easy to launch any kind of documents saved in OneDrive with the office tools.
The files are organized in a way it is easy and efficient to search through them and find your desired file.
File sharing is easy as it provides direct links to the social media on its web version.

Download Link : Microsoft OneDrive

#3 Mega

Price: Free/4.99€-29.99€ per month

top rated free cloud storage

Mega is the third Cloud file storage in our list of “10 Top Rated Free Cloud Storage”.
It gives the largest cloud storage option for free which is 50GB and that makes it true top rated free cloud storage service. The paid versions offer a storage of up to 4TB.
It has a great UI and the organization of files makes it easy to browse through them.
The file recovery feature and synchronization with different devices makes it more efficient

Download Link : Mega

#4 Google Drive

Price: Free/$1.99-$99.99 per month

top rated free cloud storage

Google Drive is the most popular cloud storage service among all the others. There is a huge probability that if you are an android user you are using this too, as it is one of the Google’s services it comes pre-installed in most (I guess all) of the android devices.
Users get a free storage space of 15GB and if you are using Google Photos as well, you don’t have to worry about the less storage as your pictures will be automatically saving in it and Google Photos gives an unlimited storage option.
It saves all most all types of  files and different filters makes it easy to search through.
It makes it easy editing or sharing your files by syncing it with social media and messaging apps.
User can access their Google Drive from anywhere, everywhere and on any device by simply using their Google account.

Download Link : Google Drive

#5 Amazon Drive

Price: Free app/$12 per year/$60 per year

top rated free cloud storage

Amazon Drive is good for the Amazon Prime users as they get a free 5GB storage with unlimited storage of photos and videos.
Amazon Drive have some limitations like one can only upload files, there isn’t any option to save folders in it. It lacks the important features like scheduled backup and file synchronization.
Amazon drive is focused on image backups and provides auto backup for the photos in your mobile.
So, if you are wondering for a photo backup solution Amazon Drive could be a good choice.

Download Link : Amazon Drive

#6 Box

Price: Free/$5-$15 per month

top rated free cloud storage

Box makes it in our list of “Top Rated Free Cloud Storage” mainly because of its file sharing features.
You get a 10GB free storage for free when you first sign in to it. A 100GB space will be given with the price of $10/month.
They have an enterprise version as well with the price of $5-$15 per month.
The UI emphasizes on simplicity and organization.
It syncs with different devices and the user can decide which file they want to sync and which not.
It provides the latest updated version of your files. It keeps the version history as well in case you need to access an older one.
File sharing is easy by making the file you want to share, accessible by different box accounts you want. A file or folder can be made public to make it accessible to anyone who has the link.

Download Link : Box

#7 iCloud

Price: Free/$0.99-$9.99 per month

top rated free cloud storage

iCloud is Apple’s personal cloud storage service for the Apple device users.
One can save any kind of files like photos, videos, music files, documents and others to it.
The media files like music and videos can be played directly through iCloud without any need of downloading them.
iCloud has some limitations in which the first and the major one is, it is only compatible with Apple devices.
There are some privacy issues with iCloud which makes the user uncomfortable uploading sensitive data.
It lacks the file sharing features so if you need a service for only backup, restore and cloud storage and having an Apple device then it can be a good option for you.

Link: iCloud

#8 MediaFire

Price: Free / $7.50-$80 per month

top rated free cloud storage

MediaFire is a well known cloud storage service which was initially started for file sharing.
The free storage a user gets with MediFire is of 10GB which can be increased up to 50GB with the promotional tasks. The other variations include 1TB for $7.50 per month  and 100TB for $80 per month.
It is compatible with almost all operating systems whether it is Windows, Linux, Mac or Android or iOS.
The paid versions provide some great features like file drop in which a person visiting your account can upload a file on it and one – time link which can be shared with people and and will let them access the file only ones.

Download Link : MediaFire

#9 SpiderOak

Price: Free/$5-$25 per month/Group and Enterprise options

top rated free cloud storage

SpiderOak One is the cloud backup service of SpiderOak. It is not really free but it comes with a 21 days trial version that gives you 250GB of storage for free to use for these 21 days.
Different filters help to easily find your desired file uploaded on SpiderOak.
SpiderOak One is known for its security.
The best part of it is that it keeps a history of each and every change made in any file from the starting.
It provides a great cross-platform experience. Syncing with any device is easy and is compatible with all most all the OSs.
The speed of uploading and downloading is better than any of its competitors.

Download Link : SpiderOakONE

#10 Tresorit

Price: Free/$12.50-$30 per month

top rated free cloud storage

Tresorit is the last but not the least in our list of 10 top rated free cloud storage services.
Tresorit is comparatively more expensive than the other services we have discussed above, when it comes to paid versions.
It works for individual as well as for teams or groups.
User can sync data to any device  or team members to access it from anywhere and everywhere.
The administrator can keep an eye on the activities of all the members on it.
The file sharing link comes with an expiry time and a password to ensure the security.

Download Link : Tresorit

These are some Top Rated Free Cloud Storage I came ti know about and found worth sharing. Tell me which is your favorite in the comment section.


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