Top Social Media Apps : 10 Most Used Social Networking Apps & Websites

.Social Media has become a huge part of our lives since last so many years. Now we can not even imagine the world without it. But if I ask you how many social media apps you use or how many social accounts you own, what would be your answer? You would probably say 3 or 4 or maximum 5. But what if I tell you that this is a really tiny part of the huge world of social networking sites and apps. There are a lot of social media apps that are used and loved for different reasons. As we can’t talk about all the social networking apps and sites here, we have dedicated this post to the top social media apps and websites that are ruling the internet and people’s heart.

We are going to cover 10 Top Social Media Apps that are the most used one around the world.

What is Social Media

Before we start talking about top social media apps we must clear our concept of Social Media or Social Network itself. To be frank, a lot of us are really confused about what social media or social network actually implies. So here’s the answer. Any app or website that lets us connect and communicate with people whether in your locality or around the globe by sharing contents, like videos, images, audios, thoughts or literally any other thing are considered as social media. There are a lot of apps from which some are known and some are not very much known, but they are a type of social media apps. Now as we know about it let’s have a look at the Top Social Media Apps.

Top Social Media Apps

Your social media apps are personal. If you want to secure them from the reach of others here are the best app looks for Android you can install. Here is a list of 10 most used Top Social Media Apps.

#1 Facebook

top social media apps

Facebook is the one which leads the list of top social media apps. Most of the population of the world that has access to the internet and living in a country which does not restrict Facebook (Yes! there are a few countries that have banned Facebook for their people), use Facebook. This is the social network that has the maximum number of users among all the others.

Facebook provides a platform where the users can share their contents in the form of images, videos, views and others as their Facebook Status. Since its foundation on 4th February  2004 (it is going to celebrate its 15th birthday in a few days), it is constantly growing and adding new features for its users and I must say they know how to impress people. By this time it has become a company worth more than $300 billion with around 200 billion users and this makes it on the top of the Top Social Media Apps.

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#2 Instagram

top social media apps

Instagram is again a very popular social media app that is ruling the internet and social networking community. It is a photo and video sharing app where people love to share their moments in the form of single or multiple images and short videos. Instagram is now not just a social platform for sharing photos but it is leading in the world of advertising also as it has become a great place and way for advertisements. This is a constantly growing app that always comes with awesome new features with each and every update and it updates really fast too.

By the growth of Instagram, a new community better known as Instagram Influencers is also growing. These are the people who use Instagram as a platform to make their talent and themselves popular by reaching out a huge number of viewers.

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#3 Twitter

top social media apps

Another leading Social Media Website and App that is successfully ruling the heart of its users. It is better known as a place where one can share their thoughts and views. This app is different from other top social media apps in terms of content sharing. It gives a place where people share anything in written texts and can attach relative images to them. These texts are called tweets which are written with a words limit. The users have become a huge community now and called twitteraties. In simple words, we can say it is a microblogging site that lets your thoughts flow and get to the other people around the world.

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#4 Tumblr

top social media apps

Tumblr is more of a blogging tool and microblogging site than a social media website. In the span of a decade since it was founded it has made its place in the blogger’s community. When you start using it the first thought you can get is, it is like Facebook especially made for bloggers. There are a number of blogs on your dashboard from the bloggers you follow, which you can read and like.

You can read, like and follow the blogs you find interesting. you can write your own posts on your personal blog on Tumblr.  This is a place between a traditional blog that needs you to write lengthy posts and twitter that has a very limited word count for any tweet. You can write and share your posts in a short but nice length, can track your Tumblelog’s growth and reach, create static pages, choose different themes and so much more.

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#5 LinkedIn

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After Tumblr that is a social media for bloggers, here comes LinkedIn that is a social media for professionals. If you are one of those people who take their professional life very seriously then this is the place for you. Whether you are working or not, whether you have a job or own a private business, LinkedIn can help you grow. This is a social media platform that lets you connect with the other professionals. If you need a job or willing for startups you can connect with people who will help you with everything you need. They will help you find better job options or better ideas or both.

Considering the great opportunities one can get with it, a huge number of people joining LinkedIn and by the time these users have made it one of the top social media apps.

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#6 Snapchat

top social media apps

Snapchat is another one in the top social media apps. This is one of those social media platforms that are only available as mobile apps. If you want to use it you can only do so with your mobile. This is available for both Androids and iPhones.

If you haven’t ever used Snapchat, then you need to install it as this is one of the most interesting social media apps you will come across. This app has made its mark by changing the way people interact with each other online. You can share snaps and short videos which are self-destructive. That means they get deleted by themselves after a few seconds when the recipient views it. The story feature we see on every popular social media sites was first introduced on Snapchat. The sharing and interactions are more fun with hundreds of filters and safe with the self-destructive features.

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#7 Google+

top social media apps

When there are so many apps and websites that are competing with each other for being the top social media apps we can not forget the Google’s own venture Google+. To use it you do not need to create an account for it separately. If you have a Google account (which most of the people own nowadays), you can launch Google+ for you as it is an integral part of it.

Google+ is a very interesting and very different social media platform. This is not the one on which you find your news feed filled with your known people’s daily life updates. You can add in the communities of your interest and can see the posts people share in those. You can follow people and get followed by the people who are interested in the kinds of stuff you post. When it comes to the security and privacy no other social media can beat Google+.

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#8 Pinterest

top social media apps

This can surprise a few of the people, but yes! Pinterest is a social media platform. As I said every online platform where you can share anything with the people around the world, is a social media.

This app is very much different from any other social media app. It is an online pinboard where you can pin anything you love and have interest in. To organize them efficiently you can create as many boards as you want, can assign relative names and pin the posts on them. You can interact with people by posting your content which is mostly in the form of links and images. You can pin other users posts, like and comment on them also.

This is a place for all where one can find anything.

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#9 YouTube

top social media apps

Youtube does not need any introduction in today’s world. Since the foundation in 2005, the popularity of it is growing with each and every day. With more than 1 billion active users per month and over 5 billion watched video per day, this has become the biggest video sharing place on the internet.

Youtube is also a social media platform. Here you can create a channel of your own to share your videos and comment on other’s videos. You can login to Youtube with your Google account as it is also an integral part of Google suit.

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#10 Tinder

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Last but not the least Tinder is a rapidly growing social media platform. It is more of a dating app and this is the thing that makes it different. If you are in search of a partner that matches your interests then Tinder can be the app for you. You just need to create an account. After that upload, the best pictures of yours, write a bio describing briefly your personality and interests and that’s it. Now you will find the profiles of the people near you. See their images, read their bio and swipe. Swipe left to reject any profile and right to like. Don’t worry you won’t look creepy by swiping right as they won’t get to know about it until they also swipe you right and it’s a match.

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So, these are the top social media apps that are ruling the internet. We have curated them on the basis of the number of users, popularity and their interesting & unique features. If you think any other app can be on this list let us know in your comments.

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