5 Best Volume Booster Apps for Android to Increase Volume

Hello readers!!! Today I have come with a post which is going to help you in one of the most hectic tasks on your smartphone, finding the volume booster apps for android that works.

If your android is having a deficient sound quality than the only option to increase it is by downloading a third party volume booster app.

What are Volume Booster Apps?

After the name, I suppose there is no need to explain it further. A volume Booster is that which boosts or increase the volume of your device above the limits that system of your device offers.

Sometimes users confuse volume booster apps with the volume equalizers or volume controllers. In reality, these all are entirely different though but to be frank, most of the volume boosters are nothing but a volume controllers.

Do Volume Booster Worth?

Yeah! If it works, it’s worth. But the problem is most of the (not all) volume booster do only the work of volume controllers on the name of boosters and just manage the volume which your device already have. Installing these apps will only waste your time, data and storage because your device is far more capable of doing this. Some of these apps go a step further and trick you by first lowering the system volume and making it maximum when you apply the boost just to make you feel that they work, but they don’t (what I just said? Confused! I am also :P).

After these bitter truths, there is some kind news also. There are a very few apps among a tons of craps available on PlayStore that are actually justifying the name by their work.

How this Article is Useful

When we were in our research for this article, we came to know that how difficult the task of finding a suitable volume booster is. We tried and tested some apps and found only these “volume booster app for android” which deliver what they say. Trust me guys; there were so many sound boosters with some high ratings (above 4.4 stars). But they do absolutely nothing except boosting your blood pressure and making your head spin while using them. But now you don’t have to face this problem because we are here with the right Volume Booster Apps which work great.

With this post, we have tried to reduce your search and sum up the top 5 volume booster apps for you.

#1 Volume Booster GOODEV

Developer: GOODEV
PlayStore Rating: 4.3 Stars
Price: Free/contains ads

Volume Booster GOODEV is one of the best sound booster app we discovered so far. It justifies its category and does everything it is supposed to do. I loved the app while testing it and placed it in my list of ultimate volume booster.


  • Does actually what it says.
  • One of those sound booster for android that actually work.
  • It can increase your device volume up to 100%.
  • Gives a risk warning whenever you launch it.
  • Very simple, basic but effective UI.
  • There is an option to set and lock the maximum boost between 10 to 100%.
  • It is a kind of draw over app which does not disturbs other app’s functions.
  • It appears on the notification bar for the quick access.
  • If you want to hide ot from notification bar, you can find an option in its settings for the purpose.
  • We can disable it just by setting the boost on 0%.
  • This app is very light and small in size.


  • Does not work on some devices and the lower versions of android (lower than android 4.4).
  • No option to boost volume separately for different purpose.
  • Contains full screen ads.
  • If your device’s speaker is not so good, you can find a screechy sound with this app.

Download Link

#2 Sound Booster Lite

Developer: Click Media Team
PlayStore Rating: 4.5 Stars
Price: Free/contains ads

Sound Booster Lite is again one of the best sound booster apps we have found on Play Store or I can say the only one worth this rating. It actually can increase your device sound up to 100% but trust me with Sound Booster Lite 10% boost is more than enough. With its features it can be categorized in one of the best volume booster for android 2017.


  • This app works great and can boost the sound up to 100%.
  • Beautiful skin and UI
  • Directly connects to your music application inside itself to make it easy listening your choice of music with Sound Booster Lite effect.
  • Single tap to mute, default and boost your device volume.
  • You can change your system volume as well as boost percentage by simply sliding your fingers on the specific controllers.
  • Not filled with so many ads. Frankly I didn’t find any while testing.
  • The silent and boost on/off buttons are available on the notification bar of your device to ease its efficiency.
  • One of the best apps to use with external speakers.


  • One tap boost directly increases the volume to 100% on the first use.
  • When you go above 10% the volume gets so increased which can affect your device speaker as well as your hearing very badly.
  • I strongly suggest not going above 10% volume boost while you are not using an external speaker.
  • Doesn’t have many options of settings.
  • You cannot boost different sounds of your device like, ringtones & system notifications, music & games, alarm and others separately. It works on a whole.

Download Link

#3 Volume Booster Pro

Developer:  Vintage Audio Tools
PlayStore Rating: 4.2 Stars
Price: Free/contains ads

Volume Booster Pro is again a decent app with great capacities in the category of free volume booster. With its functioning the app is worth taking space in your Smartphone. It works great and can ease your experience while listening music or watching videos. You can find a remarkable change in the ringtone, alarm and other system sounds also.


  • Basic but beautiful UI.
  • It claims to raise device volume by 20% and it really does.
  • It has separate buttons for music, call and alarm volume.
  • You can change the boost percentage very easily.
  • One can on or off the app from the notification bar.
  • Directly connects to your music library.
  • Setting the volume limit while you boost is easy and restrict it to go on the maximum at once.
  • Volume screeching on the higher points is less in comparison to other similar apps.


  • Similar to others using above 10 or 20 points boost without external speakers increases the volume so much that it can harm or even destroy your phone’s speaker and can damage your hearings while using headphones.
  • Continuous notification to use external speakers or headphones whenever you start the app and asking to rate it a 5 star whenever you close it can sometime annoy.
  • You will get a full screen add whenever you open the app. This can be a bit annoying for some users like me (I love free apps but I hate ads at any corner of it), but is tolerable.
  • Settings and manual personalization options are less.

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#4 Speaker Booster

Developer: Omega Centauri Software
PlayStore Rating: 4.0 Stars
Price: Free

Speaker Booster is another Volume Booster app for your device. If you want a volume booster with minimal size, minimal options but works good then you can go with this app. It boosts your music experience by raising the volume up to 60% above the system volume.


  • Works great
  • Screeching is almost negligible at the higher levels also.
  • Very light in size.
  • A draw over app and does not disturbs other apps.
  • UI is a bit similar to Volume Booster GOODEV but work capacity is not on that level.
  • Volume raise is not that high in comparison to other apps which is a plus point, because chances of damage are less with this app.
  • Risk warning always appears to make you aware for the volume limits.
  • No ads which can be a relief for some users


  • Very basic UI
  • Very basic functioning
  • Just a scale which boosts the volume from 0% to 60%, by sliding your finger on it and no other options at all.

Download Link

#5 Easy Volume Booster

Developer: 100.5 Appworks
PlayStore Rating: 3.9 Stars
Price: Free/contains ads

This app works well with a basic but good interface and controls but for those who are not really interested in increasing their phone’s volume. Honestly speaking I couldn’t find any single app after those which are listed above which actually work for sound boosting. This app is more of a volume manager than an audio booster but made its space here because of how it works.


  • Separate buttons to boost music, alarm and call sounds
  • Easy to change volume boost by the slider
  • Very simple in work
  • Simple UI


  • Too many ads.
  • No setting available
  • Does not actually boosts sound but manages your device volume
  • Not many options

Download Link

So these are the Ultimate Volume Booster we have found worth keeping on your phone. I hope I have delivered something good today with this post after torturing my ear drums and my phone with continuous full boosts of so many volume boosters (my ears are hurting till now :’( ). Don’t worry this happened to me because of testing so many apps but you have to use the only one that too with your comfortable level of volume boost, so you won’t get this problem. Try these volume boosters on your android smartphone if you need one.  Share your experience with us and tell us how you like this post in the comment section. Stay tuned for the next post.

Note: We care about our readers and always try to give an honest recommendation and this commitment leads us to suggest you that if it is not so necessary then the greatest thing to use for a clear and good volume, is good quality earphones or headphones rather than any third party sound booster. The Smartphone usually come with the sound limit which is tolerable to your ears and makes minimal noise pollution. Using phone volume booster to increase the volume can harm or even destroy your device speaker and sometimes the whole device as well as can damage your hearing. Using these apps with headphones or earphones can increase the risks.

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