Watch Cartoons Online Free : Top 7 Websites You Need To Consider

Don’t you love cartoons? Cartoons and animes are everyone’s favourite regardless of their age. In our hectic schedule, we don’t get time to sit at home and watch our favourite cartoons on TV. So, we are always in search for the best site on the internet to watch cartoons online for free. There comes the difficulty, when we search for the cartoons online and we don’t want to pay for it, there may be chances we end up on some sites that are not safe or genuine. Here we have come up with these 7 genuine sites to watch cartoons online free.

Top 7 Websites To watch cartoons online free

There are a huge number of sites for online straming of cartoons and animes but not all of them meet all our needs. We have got these 7 websites that can be the best for you. So, here we go-

#1 Youtube

watch cartoons online free

Whenever we talk about watching videos online the first platform that comes to mind is Youtube. And why not? It has the maximum varieties, maximum coverage, maximum options and what not. Now, even when we are trying to find out websites to watch cartoons online free, we have Youtube in the first position. There are hundreds of channels on Youtube on which you can watch animated series as well as movies. Some of them can charge a few bucks for the videos but not necessarily. If you can dig a little there is a huge chance you can find some channels which provide your favourite animated series or movie with great quality absolutely free.

(The series in the image is one of my favourites ;P)

#2 Toonjet

watch cartoons online free

Toonjet is an interesting site that not only provides your favourite cartoons but gives the facility to rate any cartoon and you can comment on them also. For this, you will have to sign up for this website. Signing up is absolutely free so you won’t have to invest money in it. As people can rate and make favourites on this website you can search for the best cartoons in terms of rating. While searching you can sort the list according to most popular, most viewed, most favourite and highest rated one whichever is suitable for you. It has a clean and children friendly interface and searching is very easy. This is the quality that makes it number two on our list.

The best part of this site is that you can find many of your favourite classics that you can’t find anywhere else and it runs smoothly even over the slow internet. Buffering is a rare thing with this website.

The quality of the animations differ on this site, some are with good print some are not up-to-the-mark but the variety and number of videos are huge.

#3 Cartoons On

watch cartoons online free

“Cartoons on” is one of the most popular websites to watch cartoons online free of cost. This site provides high definition animation videos. You can go through different lists from where you want to choose the cartoon you want to watch. The lists include cartoons filtered according to their production studio, Characters, Name of the Shows and Series names. This makes it super easy to find out the one you want to watch. You can not only search from these dropdowns but also with the search bar if you are particular about any specific cartoon. This website provides a number of popular cartoon series as well as so many popular animated movies too.

#4 Watch Cartoon Online

watch cartoons online free

Watch Japanese anime series at its best. Watch Cartoon Online is one of the best sites where you can find old and new Japanese cartoon shows with English dubbing or subtitles. You can find any cartoon you want to watch either from the search bar if you are specific about the show or you can find out from different categories this site provides. These categories include a huge number of cartoons sorted in an alphabetical list. From these filters, you can choose if you want to watch a video with English subtitles or English dubbing. You can choose if you want to watch a TV series or a movie and many more.

The quality of the videos is good. You can find so many ads on the pages but they aren’t as annoying as other sites.

#5 Go Go Anime

watch cartoons online free

Another popular animation streaming site is Go Go Anime. that you would definitely love when you try it. This is another great place if you love Japanese animated shows and movies. You can find a huge number of popular Japanese animated videos in almost all the genres. The best part is that all of these videos either include English subtitles or are dubbed in English so you won’t have any difficulty in watching and understanding these series.

The drawback of this site is that is full of advertisements everywhere that sometimes makes it irritating. If you can tolerate these ads this site can be one of the best for you. The other problem is that you need a good high-speed internet connection to watch the cartoons without any interruption.

#6 AnimeToon

watch cartoons online free

Another great site to watch cartoons online free. This site provides a number of animes in different languages. The cartoons that are not in English are either dubbed or have subtitles in English. There are animes & cartoons series and animated movies also.You do not need to pay for watching cartoons and there is no need to sign up too. So, enjoy watching cartoons without having to worry about anything.

There are ads all over the screen as you can see in the screenshot here but the quality of the cartoons worth it.

#7 Super Cartoon

watch cartoons online free

Super Cartoon is again one of the best websites to watch cartoons online free. This website has a huge database of all your favourite cartoons. You can search for any with their character, production studio, series and others. This has one of the biggest databases of almost all the classics and latest shows. Whichever series you like the most just name it and you will find here. The interface is very simple and easy and they play the videos on an old television like window that makes it more interesting.

But this is the same thing that makes it a bit difficult. It is same as watching a cartoon show on Television and as you can’t fast forward them on Television you cannot do it here on this site also. You can only sit back and watch the anime without any pause or play button. There is no buffering sign so if the video stops you cannot know the reason or when it will start playing again until it does start playing.

These are a few sites that we have tried and tested to watch cartoons online free. One can go through all of these websites and can decide which one is the best for them. The Internet is full of sites that provide free Cartoon streaming as well as movie streaming, sports streaming and others. We just need to reach the perfect one for us.


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