Why Do iPhones Suck : 10 Reasons To Ditch iPhones Over Android

iPhones have made their place in their customer’s heart since their very first launch in 2007. Apple has been one of the highest earning companies, and the fans are always waiting desperately for every new start in the range. But there is a question, do they worth it? Do they have everything that can satisfy their users? Yes, the iPhone range has a few mesmerizing things, but that doesn’t make it perfect. In today’s post we are going to discuss the reasons that make it clear “Why Do iPhones Suck”.

Why Do iPhones Suck

Spoiler Alert: This article can offend a true iPhone fan, but guys! We too agree that iPhones have some extraordinary features for which anyone can compromise with a few problems but as we are writing about “Why iPhones Suck” it is important to highlight these issues. 🙂 🙂

The new iPhone X has again created a hype not only because of its features but for its pricing too. It has been two months since its launch, but it seems like the hype is not going to settle down soon. If you haven’t used iPhone ever and think the overpricing is the only thing you should consider before buying it, then please continue reading and you will know the other reasons as well and will get the answer “Why Do iPhones Suck”.

#1 Installation Outside Apple iTunes: Not Possible

Yes! The first thing which comes to mind when we talk about why do iPhones suck, is the installation. Every operating system has some conditions about the installation of apps from sources other than their official app stores, but they do not restrict you except iPhone. On Androids if we can’t find an app of our choice on the Play Store we can download it from another place just by allowing installation from unknown Sources but when in iPhone we just can’t. Maybe Apple thinks that they know all our requirements and so we don’t need anything other than iTunes.

#2 File Sharing With PC: Quite A Headache

Have you ever tried copying your iPhone’s data to your PC or laptop? If yes then you know how difficult it is. If we want to do this task, we need to install iTunes on the PC or another device on which we are trying to share files and create an ID on it. Without iTunes, this can’t be possible, and even if you have it, you only can copy the media files from your phone and nothing else with the iPhones other than iPhone X. With Androids we have the privilege to copy almost everything from phone to PC without any hassle.

#3 3.5mm Jack: No! Don’t Ask For It

As we all know iPhone series has ditched the wired earphones with iPhone 7, there is no need to ask about the headphone jacks. If you want to use headsets on iPhone, you need to have the airpods and connect it to your phone using a dongle. We have absolutely no idea what’s the reason behind it and I personally don’t think there would be people who are actually happy with it. No earphone jack means you can’t use any other earphone but the extra expensive Apple Airpods.

#4 Multitasking!! : Forget it

It is a universal truth that iPhone is not a good option for multitasking. As for where at one hand Google is trying to make Androids more and more efficient in multitasking and with the new updates of Android 8.0 Oreo they have been attempting to set the benchmark with multi-window systems iPhone is stuck on its not so useful multitasking features. The Androids multi-window system creates two windows on the handset to use two apps together. iOS also has the split screen facility but not on iPhones; it is available only on the iPads.

#5 Customization: A Very Few Options

Apple sucks in the customisation options, like literally. iPhones have very few options for customization. On Android, we have a hundred of options to choose wedges and skins and some manufacturers create up – to – the – mark skins but in iPhone, we are stuck with a limited number of choices, and we have to settle down with them.

#6 New Specs: Not So New

With every new launch in iPhone series, they announce some great new specs and features and the fans love them. But the truth is most of those features are more or less already available on the Android devices from different manufacturers. For example, features like wireless charging, face recognition, and others were available on various Android phones way before iPhone launched them.

#7 Successors: Almost Identical

Yes, we agree iPhones were innovative years back. Every new iPhone had something very new and productive from the older versions that used to make them unique. But now they are all identical except some “no reason” features that seem like they are created only for the sake of making the new one different. OK, one more thing that never remains identical is pricing, it increases terribly with every new iPhone.

#8 Options: Way Too Little

Let’s compare by our-self when you decide to buy a new Android how many options do you have? Uncountable right! And we can choose the one we find best according to our needs and likes. But when we have to decide among iPhones, there is almost no choice. If we need a few more features or not, we have to settle down on the minimal options we have. The other reason for why do iPhones suck is that with each new launch they start focusing on only the latest version and forget about the older ones.

#9 Extremely Overpriced

I put it on the last as it would be better to know about the other conditions first so that we can compare the pricing. Who else does not agree that iPhones are expensive? But there is a difference between being costly and overpriced and in case of iPhones, they are way too overpriced. I agree about all the features, quality and the other things but this can’t be the reason for spending so much on a phone that isn’t able to satisfy all your needs. If we try to find a good Smartphone, some Androids with comparatively low price value can fulfil all our requirements.

Accessories: Dent In Your Pocket

Not only iPhone but the accessories required with it can also be a big dent in our pocket. Apple is ditching the regular accessories and replacing them with some exclusives that you can only use with Apple devices. So, now there are no other options except buying them spending a tremendous amount because you can not use any other accessories in their place. And as you can not share them with other devices you will have to buy different accessories for others.

#10 A Few Minor Problems

The points we have discussed above are the major ones, but there are a few minor problems also.

  • Most of the iPhones have a tiny screen as compare to very low priced Androids.
  • The battery problem as we all know.
  • The back button problem. A real back button can sometimes make it very efficient to use a Smartphone, but with iPhone, we haven’t that privilege.
  • There are very few unlocking options.

Final Words

I am not at all an iPhone hater but not a big fan of it either. iPhone is no doubt the most desired Smartphone, and it is so for a reason, but it is also important to point out the bads in it too. And this was my approach. Feel free to convey your point of view to us by writing in the comment section below.

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