WordPress Vs Joomla : Which One Will You Choose

When you first decide to start a website or a blog the first thing you need is a good Content Management System (CMS). There are so many platforms available in the online marketplace where we can choose one. Now, the question is How do we decide which CMS platform is good? Every popular platform like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal have there own benefits to use. We can not say any one of them is good or another is bad as the one which is not good for you can be the best for someone else according to their needs and priorities. Today we have picked two of the most popular Content Management platforms WordPress and Joomla to compare them according to pros, cons and other parameters. Let’s see Which one of the two wins the battle of “WordPress Vs Joomla”.

wordpress vs joomla

WordPress vs Joomla


WordPress is the most popular Open Source Content Management System. It was first introduced in 2003 as a blogging platform. But within just a few years it grew and now it owns the maximum share of the CMS market which is almost 60% of the total. If a person with no knowledge of coding, wants to start a website WordPress could be the best option. There is absolutely no requirement of coding to create a WordPress Website as everything you need is already there.


Joomla is the second most popular CMS after WordPress and has a good share of the market. It is also free and Open Source as WordPress. Joomla is comparatively new as it was launched in 2005 but have a good grip on the CMS marketplace.

Similarities Between WordPress And Joomla

  • Before starting the war of WordPress Vs Joomla we need to know the similarities between WordPress and Joomla.
  • WordPress and Joomla both are Open Source CMS and both are completely free.
  • These both are written using PHP and are licenced under GPL.
  • There are so many other little similarities when it comes to work and function which we can talk some other time.

WordPress Vs Joomla

Ease Of Use

When it comes to the usability Both WordPress and Joomla are the easiest Content Management System in comparison to others. WordPress is ideal for those who have zero knowledge of programming and coding. It is very simple from the installation to the use. It takes only 5 minutes to install WordPress and the steps are as simple as they can be. Your WordPress Hosting provider can also provide you with a one-click installation. After the installation, you have a dashboard on the home screen with all the options available which help you to efficiently use it. Creating new posts, saving them in drafts and publishing, searching the published or saved posts and every other essential thing, is also really simple and you won’t have to ask anyone for any kind of help.

Joomla is also very easy to use for the new users but not as simple as WordPress. For a few things, you can also be required a little programming knowledge. Installation is quick and simple but takes a little longer than WordPress. The hosting providers provide one-click installation for Joomla also that make it quicker. After the installation, you jump to a control panel where you can customize your website. You will find so many menus and other options that make it functionally good but decreases its efficiency as it becomes a bit difficult to understand sometimes.

So, In terms of Users efficiency for the beginners, WordPress can be the best option which makes it the winner here.

Search Engine Optimisation

WordPress and Joomla both are popular for their Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) capabilities. This function can not be found directly in any of the two. As we all know these both have some awesome plugins and extensions that make it more functional and efficient. Both of these CMS use have some great extensions for search engine optimisation. Where on one hand WordPress has Yoast SEO plugin which is known as one of the best SEO tools and makes it the easiest task to make your posts optimized regardless of how much knowledge you have in this field. Joomla has some extensions like EFSEO(Easy Frontend SEO) which gives a tough competition to its WordPress counterpart. Yoast SEO wins here as it gives all the control in your hands but guides you to the right path more efficiently.

Community Support

As we have discussed earlier WordPress is one of the most popular CMS and holds a grip on more than half of the market share, it is very clear we can find a WordPress user and expert very easily. The community support of WordPress is its backbone. It includes developers, users, experts and others which are always ready to help whenever you need.

Joomla as we all know also very popular and it also holds a good community support. You can get help for anything and everything you need. But this isn’t as big as WordPress’. Not everytime you can get the help as easily as you can get for WordPress.

Plugins and Themes

When we talk about the Plugins and Themes WordPress has a huge directory of official plugins and themes that contain more than 40,000 free plugins that add into its functionality. Due to this huge number of Add-ons, Every single website created using WordPress is different from others. If you are not satisfied with the free Add-ons, there are even more numbers for paid options.

Joomla also has a good number of Extensions to add new functions and templates for a more customized look but it can not stand at the level of WordPress. Not only because they have more of these in numbers but also because the quality you get in WordPress add-ons cannot be found on Joomla.

Again the winner of WordPress Vs Joomla is WordPress.


Another important aspect to consider when we compare to CMSs is their versatility. In how many ways and places they can be used is a big question when you decide to start your own website. Wher WordPress is very efficient for simple blogs and business websites Joomla is better when it comes to Social media, E-commerce as well as business websites and blogs. Joomla is far more versatile than WordPress when it comes to using it in different ways.


WordPress has a security mechanism and it responds to all the security threats as quickly as possible. They also have an auto-update system that updates the site whenever a new Security vulnerability gets into sight. But these are not enough for a software as popular as WordPress. WordPress is one of the biggest targets for the hackers as it is the one which powers maximum websites. The biggest strength of WordPress is their plugins and add-ons. These add to its functionalities and make it more efficient. But when it comes to the security these plugins are the first that make WordPress less secure as no one can assure how safe these can be when they are in thousands of numbers.

Joomla surely wins here in WordPress Vs Joomla in terms of handling security. They have everything as WordPress have and in addition to them, they have a security system which forces to connect the Secure Socket Layer. Apart from it, they have a Security Strick Team which keeps an eye on any kind of security patch and vulnerabilities. Joomla have so many security extensions also that make it safer to use.

This was a small comparison between  WordPress Vs Joomla. These can make it easy for a person to choose the right option considering their strength, weaknesses and requirements.

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