YouTube Adds Strict Rules For Monetization Of Channels

.Within the last few years, Youtube has become a big platform for people to obtain popularity all around the globe and earning money along with it. With the continuous growth, YouTube has become a huge community of new and old creators or Youtubers, advertisers and the viewers. It helped people with ideas to use their creativity in a better way to earn with it. At one hand where it had become an opportunity for the creative and productive creators, on the other hand, this became the biggest way for the people with selfish reasons to use it for their benefit without even thinking of the effect of their contents on the viewers.

But now with the new update, YouTube is going to strict the rules of their Partner Program. It is a huge step taken by the Google-owned video site as it can affect a number of people in the YouTube community in different ways. It can be a good decision for some and can be equally bad for others.

YouTube Partnership Program

If you are a Youtuber and earning from your YouTube videos you must be knowing about the YouTube’s Partnership Program. If you don’t and wonder how those big names on YouTube earn that much, then here is an overview. YouTube Partnership Program lets you earn money from the videos you upload to your YouTube channel. Earlier or we can say until last few months it was a really easy task to get into it. You only needed a Google Adsense account with which you could monetize your videos by publishing ads with them. These ads could be skippable, non-skippable, display, in-videos and others that play when a user is watching your video.

Earlier Rules Of YouTube Partnership Program

Before the new update of YouTube came getting into the Partnership program and earning through YouTube wasn’t a difficult task you only had to fulfil a few criteria. Those where as follows

  • Your contents have to be your own and their isn’t any copyright issue. That means you can not publish any other’s video or copy other’s content.
  • You must have an Adsense account.
  • Your videos are somehow helpful to the viewers. They can be tutorials, informative or for entertainment or the other things like these.
  • You are posting regularly and your channel has more than 10,000 public views over the lifetime.

If you could fulfil these criteria you were eligible for the YouTube Partnership Program and can earn through it. But YouTubes new announcement has changed everything and it can not be as easy as it was to monetize your channel on YouTube. In fact, it is going to be difficult especially for the new and small creators.

New Rules Of YouTube Partnership Program

YouTube has announced its new rules for the creators, on Tuesday, 16th January 2018. This announcement was enough to raise the hypes as they have made some very strict rules to apply for the YouTube’s Partner program. From now you can not get into this program just with 10,000 views. The new rules include

  • Having minimum 1000 subscribers within 12 months.
  • If your channel has at least 4000 hours watchtime in the same span that is 12 months.
  • Not only these but YouTube is going to update their review system. Every channel which fulfils the above-mentioned criteria will have to go through a manual review to ensure if they aren’t publishing offensive, abusive, explicit or any content that can have any kind of negative effect on anyone in any aspect.

These are the new criteria you have to fulfil if you want to make money on your YouTube Channel. This threshold has been implemented for every new channel comes into existence after this announcement. The existing creators have been given time until 20th February 2018. If they won’t pass this threshold their membership for the Partner Program will be cancelled.

Requirement Of The New Stricter Rules

At this time when YouTube community is growing each and every day it was important for the company to create some strict guidelines for the creators so that they can not misuse this huge platform.

  • Since last few years, a trend came into views where some creators had started uploading abusive or extremely explicit contents that can be inappropriate for the viewers, especially for the children. YouTube wants to clean its community by eliminating these bad actors as they not only post harmful contents but with these viral videos, they steel the opportunities of the true positive creators.
  • These channels are a threat not only for those mentioned above but for the advertisers too. The company was getting so many complains from the advertisers that their ads have been published on inappropriate channels and videos.
  • These new policies will allow the company to identify the real creators who positively contribute to the site and will help the company to work for them.

These are the few reasons that give the way to the new strict policies.

How This New Policy Will Affect

These new rules will definitely affect the new creators. They will have to work harder and wait longer to start their earnings from their YouTube channels.

YouTube has already cancelled a huge number of memberships from their partnership program due to so many reasons. They have removed more than 150,000 of videos for their inappropriate contents.

This won’t any affect the channels that are already established and post only contents meeting YouTube’s guidelines.


As now we all know the step of YouTube of making strict rules of monetization can affect different people of its community in different ways. When we observe it closely we can find that it was a much-needed step that they have taken.

This will help to grow the community on a positive side eliminating the bad actors.

It will make the new creators more focused on their works and contents.

The creators will make extra effort to reach the threshold.

The new manual review system will help to stop creators to go extream that can harm themselves as well as others to get more views.

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